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October 24, 2014

This information will be on the website at the earliest possible time on Monday through Friday, depending on availability of server. You may also call (434) 525-3474 after 4:00 PM for a voice message on those days.

The week of October 18, 2014:

Counties and localities are in bold.

Albemarle Co.
Mink Creek Reservoir (10/24)
Alleghany Co.
Clifton Forge Reservoir (10/24)
Augusta Co.
Elkhorn Lake (10/23)
North River (Tail) (DELAYED HARVEST) (10/23)
Bath Co.
Jackson River (Rt. 623) (10/22)
Botetourt Co.
Jennings Creek (10/20)
Carroll Co.
Lovills Creek (10/21)
Craig Co.
Potts Creek (10/23)
Fairfax Co.
Holmes Run (DELAYED HARVEST) (10/22)
Fauquier Co.
Thompson WMA Pond (10/21)
Floyd Co.
Laurel Fork (10/20)
Fluvanna Co.
Hardware River (DELAYED HARVEST) (10/24)
Patrick Co.
South Mayo River (North Fork) (10/22)
South Mayo River (South Fork) (10/22)
Rockingham Co.
Briery Branch Lake (10/24)
Hone Quarry Lake (10/24)
Russell Co.
Big Cedar Creek (10/21)
Scott Co.
Big Stony Creek (10/24)
Little Stony Creek (10/24)
Smyth Co.
South Fork Holston River (Buller Dam) (10/21)
Comers Creek (10/24)
Cressey Creek (10/24)
Dickey Creek (10/24)
Hurricane Creek (10/24)
Washington Co.
Whitetop Laurel (Upper) (10/22)
Whitetop Laurel (Lower) (10/22)
Tennessee Laurel (10/22)
Wise Co.
Pound River/N.F. Pound River (DELAYED HARVEST) (10/20)
Wythe Co.
Cripple Creek (Rt. 94) (10/18)
Guillion Fork Ponds (10/23)

Last updated: October 24, 2014