2016 Virginia General Assembly Legislation

Through this summary, VDGIF will provide information on bills filed during the 2016 General Assembly (begins January 13, 2016) related to the Department’s mission or that may affect our operations and be of interest to you.

Commenting on Legislation

The most appropriate way to express your opinion about these bills, or any other legislation, is through your local delegate and/or senator. For more information about your legislators and how to contact them, please visit the Virginia General Assembly website. You may also contact the Virginia General Assembly's Constituent Viewpoint Comment line toll-free at 1-800-889-0229 (698-1990 in Richmond).

Legislative Sportsman's Caucus Meetings

The Department attends the Legislative Sportsman's Caucus with legislators from both houses during the course of the Session. The Caucus meets at 7:00 a.m. on Thursdays in the 6th Floor Speaker's Conference Room of the General Assembly Building.


Click on the bill number to go directly to the state's Legislative Information System (LIS) to view the full text of the legislation. The current committee to which the legislation is assigned and agendas/dockets for committee meetings can be found under the "Committee" column. Summary information and latest status is available in the “Latest Information” column. Please note that the "history" information will be updated on the LIS only when there has been action on the specific piece of legislation; not all bills will be acted on in the same timeframes.

Legislation will be added to this list as it is introduced, please be aware that new legislation is introduced every day, especially during the pre-Session and early Session periods.

Legislation shaded grey is no longer advancing.

Updated: March 31, 2016

Bill Chief Patron Catch Line Committee Latest Information
HB136 Knight Duck blinds; damaged stationary blinds in Va. Beach Chapter 379 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
HB137 Knight Feral hogs; employees of DGIF and federal agencies allowed to hunt or kill Chapter 116 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
HB262 Lingamfelter Sale of products made from wildlife Chapter 121 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
HB315 Orrock Retirement status of certain CPOs Chapter 41 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
HB317 Lingamfelter Incentives for Hunter Education Chapter 123 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
HB335 Pogge Addition of emblems and designations; eastern garter snake Chapter 278 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
HB584 Yost Feeding of deer prohibited; Town of Blacksburg Chapter 377 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
HB1115 Kory Zebra mussels; education program Chapter 541 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
HB1142 Fariss Hunting with a slingshot Chapter 487 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
HB1311 Edmunds Killing or trapping of snakes Chapter 373 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
HB1329 Fariss Trespass by hunters using dogs Chapter 374 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
SB37 Carrico Black vultures Chapter 59 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
SB152 Reeves Sale of fur and animal parts Chapter 62 (effecitve 07/01) Summary and status
SB344 Lewis Sunday hunting of rails Chapter 10 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
SB349 Deeds Free Fishing Days Chapter 63 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
SB367 McDougle Hunting of coyotes; local ordinances Chapter 64 (effective 07/01) Summary and status
HB160 Bell Minimum age to operate a motorboat tabled in HACNR NR subcommittee Summary and status
HB360 Loupassi Turkey parts; making or selling of tools Incorporated into HB262 Summary and status
HB517 Landes Warrantless arrest; Conservation Police Officers and Conservation Officers passed by in Senate Courts of Justice Summary and status
HB958 Keam Cruelty to animals; drowning tabled in HACNR Ag subcommittee Summary and status
HB1139 Pogge Hunting from a waterfowl blind tabled at request of patron in HACNR NR subcommittee Summary and status
SB694 Marsden Shooting in or across roadway Stricken at request of patron in Senate Courts of Justice Summary and status
SJ59 Deeds Study; consolidation of Law Enforcement agencies passed by indefinitely in Senate Rules Summary and status