2015 Virginia General Assembly Legislation

Through this summary, VDGIF will provide information on bills filed during the 2015 General Assembly (begins January 14, 2015) related to the Department's mission or that may affect our operations and be of interest to you.

Commenting on Legislation

The most appropriate way to express your opinion about these bills, or any other legislation, is through your local delegate and/or senator. For more information about your legislators and how to contact them, please visit the Virginia General Assembly website. You may also contact the Virginia General Assembly's Constituent Viewpoint Comment line toll-free at 1-800-889-0229 (698-1990 in Richmond).

Legislative Sportsman's Caucus Meetings

The Department attends the Legislative Sportsman's Caucus with legislators from both houses during the course of the Session. The Caucus meets at 7:00 a.m. on Thursdays in the 6th Floor Speaker's Conference Room of the General Assembly Building.


Click on the bill number to go directly to the state's Legislative Information System (LIS) to view the full text of the legislation. The current committee to which the legislation is assigned and agendas/dockets for committee meetings can be found under the "Committee" column. Summary information and latest status is available in the “Latest Information” column. Please note that the "history" information will be updated on the LIS only when there has been action on the specific piece of legislation; not all bills will be acted on in the same timeframes.

Legislation will be added to this list as it is introduced, please be aware that new legislation is introduced every day, especially during the pre-Session and early Session periods.

Legislation shaded grey is no longer advancing.

Updated: March 31, 2015

Bill Chief Patron Catch Line Committee Latest Information
HB1298 Morris Noncommercial vessels; probable cause. Approved by Governor--Acts of Assembly Chapter 484 (effective 7/1/15) Summary and status
HB1324 Cole Boating safety education. Approved by Governor--Acts of Assembly Chapter 160 (effective 7/1/15) Summary and status
HB1516 Bulova Wildlife traps; use of remote trap-checking technology. Approved by Governor--Acts of Assembly Chapter 47 (effective 7/1/15) Summary and status
HB1686 Fariss Fish; stocking and sale; DGIF to establish a special permit. Approved by Governor--Acts of Assembly Chapter 463 (effective 7/1/15) Summary and status
HB1961 Lingamfelter Reciprocal law-enforcement agreements. Approved by Governor--Acts of Assembly Chapter 68 (effective 7/1/15) Summary and status
HB2111 Futrell Hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses; electronic copies. Approved by Governor--Acts of Assembly Chapter 479 (effective 7/1/15) Summary and status
HB2240 Ransone Introduction, stocking, and release of blue catfish; penalty. Approved by Governor--Acts of Assembly Chapter 470 (effective 7/1/15) Summary and status
HB2331 Webert Definition of fur bearing animal. Approved by Governor--Acts of Assembly Chapter 618 (effective 7/1/15) Summary and status
SB838 Alexander State resident licenses; dependents of members of armed services. Approved by Governor--Acts of Assembly Chapter 678 (effective 7/1/15) Summary and status
SB1461 Wagner Renewal of waterfowl blind licenses. Approved by Governor--Acts of Assembly Chapter 255 (effective 7/1/15) Summary and status
HB1575 Pogge Concealed handgun permit; disqualification from obtaining when convicted of drunk boating. Summary and status
HB1586 Kory Community cat programs. Summary and status
HB2242 Edmunds Hunting requirement for person under age 12. Summary and status
HB2343 Ramadan Feeding of game, game animals, and fur bearing animals. Summary and status
HB2345 Ramadan Retrieval of hunting dogs, etc. Summary and status
HB2359 Simon Concealed handgun permits; proof of competence. Summary and status
HJ501 Landes Study; JLARC; reorganization of law enforcement agencies; report. Summary and status
SB693 Martin Feral cats; trapping, neutering, and returning to site activity. Summary and status
SB698 Stanley Companion animal; surgical sterilization program, fund, penalty. Summary and status
SB699 Stanley Community cat programs; localities to authorize operation of programs. Summary and status
SB996 Stuart Exemptions from Boating Safety requirements. Summary and status
SB1107 McWaters Release of balloons. Summary and status
SB1212 Ebbin Watercraft sales and use tax. Summary and status
SB1215 Ebbin Sale of ivory and rhinoceros horn; penalty. Summary and status
SB1266 Deeds Conservation easements; private bottomland conveyed by special grant. Summary and status
SB1271 Deeds Submerged beds of rivers or creeks; claims of private ownership; arbitration. Summary and status
SB1315 Lewis Nonhuman primates; penalties. Summary and status
SB1439 Stuart Vessel operation; probable cause. Summary and status
SJ280 Deeds Study; JLARC; reorganization of law enforcement agencies; report. Summary and status