HIP (Harvest Information Program)

Who needs a HIP number?

All hunters (whether licensed or exempt from being licensed) who plan to hunt doves, waterfowl, rails, woodcock, snipe, coots, gallinules or moorhens in Virginia must be registered with the Virginia Harvest Information Program (HIP). HIP is required each year and a new registration number is needed for the 2015-2016 hunting season.

How do I obtain a HIP number?

Online or Over the Phone

To register for HIP, visit or call 1-888-788-9772.

Hunters, after obtaining their 2015-2016 hunting license, can visit to register or call 1-888-788-9772 toll-free any time day or night. Hunters will need to have their new hunting license number to begin registering unless exempt from license requirements. Once the registration process is complete, a new unique ten-digit HIP number for 2015-2016 will be issued. There is a line provided on hunting licenses for the HIP registration number. Non-resident hunters hunting migratory game birds in Virginia are also required to register after purchasing their license.

License-Exempt Hunters

Hunters who are exempt from purchasing a license (because of age, lifetime license holders or landowners that hunt on their own land) are still required to register with HIP. Once they receive their HIP number they should record the unique 10 digit HIP number for 2015-2016 on a piece of paper and carry it on their person while hunting.

Why do I need to register for HIP?

The HIP number is the hunter's proof that they registered with Virginia's program this year and must be available for inspection by Law Enforcement officials (State and Federal).

Participation in this program is not an option and hunters should realize that their participation in HIP will benefit the future of their migratory game bird hunting in Virginia. Answers provided by hunters to the questions during the short survey are not used to compile harvest estimates, but are simply used to identify what types of birds a hunter usually hunts. This allows the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to mail follow-up surveys to the appropriate hunters. For example, most surveys about dove harvest are sent to hunters who usually hunt doves, while most waterfowl harvest surveys are sent to hunters who usually hunt ducks and/or geese.

If a hunter's name is one of the few selected for the national harvest survey, they will be asked to voluntarily complete a detailed survey about their harvest during this year's hunting season. They will receive a hunting record form and will be asked to keep a record of the number of migratory birds they harvest during the season. They will also be given an addressed, postage-paid envelope to return their hunting form at the end of the season. Responses from hunters who choose to participate will be kept strictly confidential and will not be used for any other purpose. As soon as the survey is completed, the Service will destroy all hunter names and address records. This survey provides the information used to develop nationwide harvest estimates.

Reminder: different states have different methods for collecting the information and signing up hunters into the HIP program. Hunters are reminded that if planning to hunt migratory game birds in another state or states that they must be HIP-registered with each state.