Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Mapping & Geographic Information Systems (GIS) section provided cartographic services, GIS/GPS training and technical support, spatial modeling, analysis, and geographic data development. The GIS section within the Bureau of Wildlife Resources. The section supports a wide range of VDGIF core functions, contributing map products and services throughout the agency. In addition, GIS staff maintains internet mapping services for the public and provide data to other governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Environmental Review:

Outdoor Recreation:

  • Find Game - Point. Click. Map. Find Virginia's public hunting lands! Online interactive mapping website to locate public huntable lands and game species.
  • ArcGIS Online Interactive GIS Maps
  • WildlifeMapping - WildlifeMapping is an outreach program that allows school children, citizens, community groups and other city, county and state organizations to collect wildlife-related information that will be available to everyone.


GIS Map Gallery

GIS Map Gallery