Oakley Forest

The Oakley Forest Wildlife Management Area is approximately 2,911 acres in size, located in western Spotsylvania County, west of Todd’s Tavern. Oakley Forest WMA was part of a larger working farm that practiced wildlife and forest management for several decades. The habitats consist of a mosaic of upland mixed hardwood and pine forests containing with a few small areas of open fields, pastures, and old field habitats.


Special Regulations for Oakley Forest WMA

The following restrictions pertain to hunting, fishing, and trapping on Oakley Forest WMA:

  • Sunday hunting is prohibited for all species except waterfowl.
  • Dogs may not be used to hunt bear or deer.
  • During the General Firearms Season, legal weapons include rifles, pistols, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and/or archery tackle.


Oakley Forest WMA is located along State Route 612 (Catharpin and Pamunkey Roads) and State Route 608 (West Catharpin Road), west of Todd’s Tavern.

Images by: Meghan Marchetti - DGIF