upland chorus frog

(Pseudacris feriarum feriarum)


This species is small with the males from 21-32 mm, and females from 20-37 mm. They are extremely variable with a light line on the upper jaw and a dark stripe through the eye and extending along the side toward the groin. The mid-dorsal pattern may be striped, partly striped, spotted or lacking. The color is brown or gray and the under surfaces are cream colored but often with dark stippling on the breast. This species breeds from March to May. The voice is a regular repeated ‘creek’ or ‘prreep’. It usually calls from a fairly open situation, and sometimes calls in freezing air temperatures.


This species is found in grassy swales, moist woodlands, bogs, swamps, and the edges of ponds and marshes. They are rarely found in woods. This species breeds in shallow grassy areas and is almost always found on the ground, and probably never climbs trees.


Chorus frogs usually forage for insects.