southern two-lined salamander

(Eurycea cirrigera)


This is a small, slender salamander that grows to a length of 6.5-12 cm. It has a broad green-yellow or orange band on the back, bordered by a brown or black stripe on each side that continues onto the tail. The sides are mottled brown and white or with a series of white spots in a line above the legs. The belly is yellowish. Clutch size is about 50 eggs which hatch in the spring. This species cannot be distinguished from the northern two-lined salamander by external characteristics.


This salamander is found throughout Virginia at elevations below 2000 meters. It is not found in northern Virginia or the eastern shore. It inhabits small creeks and seeps, bottomland hardwood swamps, and surrounding upland forested areas. This species is often found under rocks, logs and leaves on the margins of creeks or swamps.


This species eats small invertebrates, including insects, spiders, earthworms, and snails.