southern cricket frog

(Acris gryllus)


This species is small with a length from 3/5-1 1/3 inches. There is a dark stripe on the thigh usually clean cut and between 2 well defined light stripes. Anal warts are present, and the head is pointed. The amount of webbing on the toes is less than in the northern subspecies. The color is variable black, brown, reddish, green or gray. This species breeds from February to October depending on rain. It breeds in shallow pools, and the eggs are attached to stems or strewn on the bottom. Its voice like a rattle or metal clicker in rapid sequence.


This frog is found in southeastern Virginia. It inhabits primarily lowland areas, such as ponds, bogs, and riverine swamps, but may be found around rivers in more upland areas.


Small insects and spiders comprise the diet of the southern cricket frog. This species feeds by leaping from the ground or vegetation.