northern green frog

(Lithobates clamitans melanota)


This species is brown or greenish with dorso-lateral folds that do not extend to the groin and with no light line along the upper jaw. The length of the male is 52-77 mm, and the female is 58-75 mm. The belly is white to gray and the throat is dusky or yellowish, or bright yellow. The tadpoles are olive green and large, up to 64 mm. It breeds from May through August. The eggs are black and white, 1.5 mm in diameter. This species is considered the most active of all native frogs, and is capable of enormous leaps. The voice is like a pluck of a banjo string.


This species can be found wherever there is shallow fresh water and are fairly widespread in Virginia.


This species will eat any living thing it can capture and swallow.