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northern cricket frog

(Acris crepitans)


A northern and upland frog. Dark stripe on thigh often not clean- cut, and it may have ragged edges. Hind leg is short when it is extended. Only the first toe is completely webbed and only 1 1/2 to 2 joints of the 4th longest toe are free. It has a call of gick, gick, gick like two pebbles being clicked together slowly at first then picking up speed.


This frog is a piedmont species. It is usually not found in coastal areas except along river valleys and in the sandhills, and it is very local in major valleys in the mountains. It does not occur east of the Suffolk escarpment. This frog prefers open grassy margins of ponds, ditches, and marshy areas.


Most of the cricket frogs are insectivores.