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Atlantic Coast slimy salamander

(Plethodon chlorobryonis)


This salamander is black to blue-black with silvery white spots or brassy flecks or both. The belly is normally lighter than the dorsum. Adults average 4.5-8.0 in. (11.5-20.5 cm) in total length. These are “sticky” salamanders whose skin-gland secretions cling to your hands like glue and almost have to wear off. Eggs are laid in or under logs and among roots, but are rarely found. In the coastal plain, females lay eggs annually in late summer or fall.


This is mainly a salamander of the moist deciduous forests of the southeast coastal area of Virginia. It is active near the surface from spring to fall. It stays underground during dry periods.


This salamander preys on spiders, phalangids, millipedes, beetles, ants, other hymenoptera, and various insect larvae. It has also been known to eat other, smaller salamanders.