American bullfrog

(Lithobates catesbeianus)


This is the largest native frog with the males from 85-180 mm, and females from 89-200 mm. They are broad in body with the color greenish drab, and yellowish white below. This species breeds from May-August. The egg mass is a large floating mat up to a meter wide. Territories are established by croaking and defended by vocalizations, postures, and combat. The voice is a croak said to resemble the distant roaring of a bull.


This species is aquatic and prefers larger bodies of water than most other frogs. This species is rather general in habitat selection, and may be found in a great variety of aquatic situations.


This species will eat almost anything living that it can at least partially swallow. Insects and crayfish the most important food item in this species’ diet. The consumption of plant food is considered accidental.