Transporting Carcasses Into and Out of Virginia

The following U.S. states, portions of states, and Canadian provinces are designated as CWD carcass-restriction zones; whole carcasses and specific high-risk carcass parts* from cervids (i.e., deer (white-tailed, mule, black-tailed, fallow, sika, etc.), elk, moose, or caribou) killed in any of the areas listed below are prohibited from entering Virginia.

* Please refer to the list of legal carcass parts (found below the list of CWD carcass-restriction zones) to determine carcass parts that can legally be moved into Virginia from areas on this list.

  • Any enclosure in North America intended for deer or elk
  • Alberta (entire province)
  • Arkansas (entire state)
  • Colorado (entire state)
  • Illinois (entire state)
  • Iowa (entire state)
  • Kansas (entire state)
  • Maryland (Alleghany and Washington Counties)
  • Michigan (entire state)
  • Minnesota (entire state)
  • Missouri (entire state)
  • Montana (entire state)
  • Nebraska (entire state)
  • New Mexico (entire state)
  • New York (entire state)
  • North Dakota (entire state)
  • Ohio (entire state)
  • Oklahoma (entire state)
  • Pennsylvania (entire state)
  • Saskatchewan (entire state)
  • South Dakota (entire state)
  • Texas (entire state)
  • Utah (entire state)
  • West Virginia (Hampshire, Hardy and Morgan Counties)
  • Wisconsin (entire state)
  • Wyoming (entire state)

Carcass parts legally able to be transported into Virginia from any area included in the CWD carcass-restriction list

  • Finished taxidermy products
  • Boned-out cut and wrapped meat
  • Quarters of meat with no spinal column or head
  • Hides or capes with no skull attached
  • Cleaned (no brain tissue attached) skull or skull plates with or without antlers attached
  • Clean antlers with no meat or other tissues attached
  • Upper canine teeth

To avoid citation or prosecution, all of the above must be labeled with species, state/province of origin, and name and contact information for the person who killed or owned the animal.

Transporting carcasses out of Virginia

Virginia is a CWD-positive state, therefore most states have restrictions on the importation of deer and elk harvested in Virginia. Any out-of-state hunter that is heading to Virginia for deer hunting is highly encouraged look up the carcass import or transport regulations in their home state.  A summary of state-by-state carcass transport and import regulations is provided on the CWD Alliance website or as a PDF download. This information has also been compiled in an easy-to-access format by the state of North Carolina.