Tomahawk Pond

Important Notices for this Waterbody

Attention Tomahawk Pond AnglersBeginning in mid-April the water level in Tomahawk Pond will be lowered approximately 4 feet for repairs to fishing access areas. DGIF plans to continue stocking trout up to the drawdown date and meet the annual number of stockings for Tomahawk Pond. Fishing will continue to be permitted in non-construction areas such as the dam and areas contractors are not actively working. These improvements are made possible using funds from Forest Stamp purchases by anglers and hunters across the Commonwealth. Cooperative project of the US Forest Service and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

This 2-acre pond is in Shenandoah County in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. Adult largemouth bass and bluegill were restocked in spring 1996 and trout stocking resumed in fall 1996. Fingerling channel catfish were restocked in fall 1996 and catchable-size (average 1.2 pounds), were stocked in 1997 to provide good catfish fishing. Grass carp were also introduced in 1997 to control vegetation. A 14-inch minimum length limit was placed on largemouth bass to protect this population while the fishery is being re-established. Also, a four-fish-per-day creel limit was placed on channel catfish to promote better catfish angling. A trout license is required to fish these waters from October 1 through June 15.

Tomahawk Pond has a parking area, and bank fishing is possible around entire perimeter of lake. Renovations also included placing log crib and brush shelter-style fish attractors in the lake and several fishing platforms around the shoreline, which are handicapped -accessible. The pond can be reached by taking Route 263 west from Mount Jackson to Orkney Springs, then left (south) on Route 610, or by taking Route 259 west from Broadway, then right on Route 612 to Route 610.

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