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September – October 2018 Issue

How Sweet Sweet Sweet It Is!

With support from the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation, volunteers, and business partners, a citizen science project aims to help a magnificent songbird in the Roanoke River basin.

Hunting: A Foundation for Life

A childhood spent afield gives the author reason to reflect upon a simpler time, one that deeply shaped his values.

Women Afield: Finally

There are many reasons to cheer the trend of women’s interest in hunting and fishing, and the outdoors industry takes note.

What’s Up With Cobia?

Virginia is taking a lead in sound management of this game fish through multi-state coordination, tagging efforts, and citation data.

For the Love of Snakes

Snakes are given a bad rap, but a little knowledge and the right support group can help you overcome your fears.

The Evolution of Cute

Nature has endowed young wildlife with a number of strategies for survival, cuteness being one of them.

2019 Trout Program Maps

Fisheries biologists share the latest trout stocking locations.

July – August 2018 Issue
Photography Showcase

Virginia Fauna

Native mammals (game and nongame), birds, reptiles, and amphibians

Virginia Landscapes

Native plants, trees, flowers, and scenic landscapes

The Sporting Life

Wildlife-related activities afield (game and nongame)

Textures and Patterns

Abstract designs as textures and patterns found in nature

Front Cover: Laura McGranaghan, Berryville

Proud of the two-acre backyard planted by her husband in native hardwoods, cedars, and a large meadow—all for wildlife—the couple went out for an evening stroll and spotted this beautiful Eastern red bat hanging from one of their cedar trees. Laura reports that she ran into the house to get her camera and was able to capture a few shots of this unusual find. We are so happy she did! While not usually admired for their beauty, bats are critical to a healthy ecosystem. They perform valuable pest control services that benefit all of us: farmers, star-gazers, home gardeners, porch lovers, and anyone who enjoys being outdoors. Congratulations on this gorgeous cover shot, Laura!

Nikon D300s DSLR camera, Nikkor 80-400mm lens, with flash, ISO 320, 1/250, f/5.6

May – June 2018 Issue

Lost Before Found

Scientists at the state’s Natural Heritage Program scramble to build an inventory of native bees and protect those most at risk.

Prince Edward’s Other Lake

Not far from Farmville sits a lake that rivals the largemouth bass fishing at Briery—especially in the citation range.

Mafic Fens: Diamonds of the Blue Ridge

Quiet dramas unfold in these seeps and stream bottoms, but their palette of spring colors and textures is unmatched.

What’s Going On With the Butcher Bird?

Working with partners, DGIF biologists trap and band loggerhead shrikes to gain insight into the bird’s decline.

All Four Seasons in One Day

It’s tough enough for people, but think about the strategies animals must employ to deal with Virginia’s weather.

Sit-on-Tops for Water Fun!

Follow these tips to get started and even work in a little fishing.

Do Blue Cats Deserve All the Hype?

The results are in and the answers lie in their stomach contents.

2017 Angler Hall of Fame & NASP Photo Gallery

Look who made the lists this year and take a peek at the winners of the state NASP tournament!

March – April 2018 Issue

What It Takes

Ask most Conservation Police Officers and they will tell you, it’s not a job but a lifestyle.

Saint Mary’s Wilderness: An Ecosystem in Flux

If you’re looking for pristine trout waters and wilderness surroundings, you will find it here.

Pollinator Waystation

Spurred by citizen action, a well-placed garden of native plants benefits commuters of every stripe.

A Tidal Wave of Success

Anglers and fisheries managers celebrate a successful come-back for largemouth bass in the lower Chickahominy River.

Gain the Home Court Advantage

A bit of behavioral analysis goes a long way toward successful pursuit of turkeys in the spring woods.

Seeing the Forest for the Carbon

Coming Soon: The business of carbon credits holds promise for conserving smaller woodland tracts.

Dog Days Afield

Those who train and field trial dogs are indeed a special breed.

4th Annual Old Dominion OneShot

Year four promises even more excitement afield!

January – February 2018 Issue

The Golden Age of Gunning Clubs

In the late 1800s, Nathan Cobb helped to usher in an era of duck hunting on the Shore.

Bad Behavior or Just Birds Being Birds?

This story reminds us that birds can be brilliant, and ruthless, in their will to survive.

DIY For Better Wildlife Habitat

With a handful of minor changes, you can welcome more wildlife to your property.

A Globally Rare, Virginia Jewel

Nestled amid the hubbub of Northern Virginia, a unique natural community beckons.

Paved New World: The Unexpected Biology of Urban Animals

As humans encroach upon their world, wild animals employ a number of strategies to adapt to our urban footprint.

A Slippery Slope

Virginia’s Wildlife Action Plan calls attention to our most vulnerable species, including elusive salamanders.

Virginia Treasures

Governor McAuliffe’s statewide initiative recognizes and protects land of exceptional conservation value.

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