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January – February 2018 Issue

The Golden Age of Gunning Clubs

In the late 1800s, Nathan Cobb helped to usher in an era of duck hunting on the Shore.

Bad Behavior or Just Birds Being Birds?

This story reminds us that birds can be brilliant, and ruthless, in their will to survive.

DIY For Better Wildlife Habitat

With a handful of minor changes, you can welcome more wildlife to your property.

A Globally Rare, Virginia Jewel

Nestled amid the hubbub of Northern Virginia, a unique natural community beckons.

Paved New World: The Unexpected Biology of Urban Animals

As humans encroach upon their world, wild animals employ a number of strategies to adapt to our urban footprint.

A Slippery Slope

Virginia’s Wildlife Action Plan calls attention to our most vulnerable species, including elusive salamanders.

Virginia Treasures

Governor McAuliffe’s statewide initiative recognizes and protects land of exceptional conservation value.

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