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November – December 2019 Issue

Deer & Waterfowl Forecasts

DGIF biologists share their insights on deer and waterfowl seasons based on current data, weather impacts, and field observations.

Savoring the Seasons

While hunting, or just being in the woods, allow your senses to reveal the beautiful and intriguing natural world around you.

In Memory of Deer Camp

Fond memories of deer camp continue to instill a love for the outdoors and the people who shared it.

Save the Quail

A labor of love, landowners work hard to create more habitat for declining quail and pollinator populations.

Master V Angler

Faster than line peeling off a reel, more powerful than a 46 lb. flathead catfish, able to catch the most citations in Virginia…it’s MASTER V Angler, Stephen Miklandric!

Three Seasons for Success

If you learn to use the wind, terrain, and food sources in your favor, you can harvest trophy deer in all three deer hunting seasons.