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November – December 2018 Issue

Deer & Waterfowl Forecast

DGIF biologists share their insights on deer and waterfowl seasons based on current data, weather impacts, and field observations.

Sanctuaries for Success

Think private resort with open buffet. One farmer-sportsman advocates for leaving the deer alone.

Bundle Up and Enjoy: Winter Striper Fishing

When temperatures dip, you may find lake conditions perfect for hooking a hefty striped bass.

Making Something Out of Nothing

A lifelong hunter turns his love for wildlife into creating treasures of folk art.

The Reigning King of the Southwest

Elk are calling all wildlife watchers to southwest Virginia, where the drama unfolds and the herd is thriving.

Then and Now

Waterfowlers consider how hunting has changed over time on the Eastern Shore, and urge mentors to step up.

Unintended Consequences of Fighting Pests

A cautionary tale explains how difficult it is to wage war on opponents that adapt and change.