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Virginia Wildlife is your ticket to learning more about Virginia’s spectacular wildlife, fisheries, and breathtaking habitats. Whether you hunt, fish, boat, camp, or take in the wildlife from your easy chair, Virginia Wildlife offers you stories and insight on the natural world, supplied by the state’s leading wildlife and outdoor experts.

January – February 2020 Issue

Giving a Helping Hand to Bluebirds

Members of the Virginia Bluebird Society build nest boxes to keep bluebirds happy. Learn how to build your own bluebird box.

Warm Up to Yellow Perch!

Don’t let cold weather keep you from enjoying the best time of the year for catching big, tasty yellow perch!

Soldier, Coach, and Mentor

A retired Marine’s dedication to archery and teaching impacts countless kids.

Searching for Sheds

Put on your hiking boots and go outdoors for a fun family activity that also provides valuable lessons in the great outdoors.

Tie One Off This Winter

Winter is a great time of the year to stock up on trout flies by tying your own. Why not give it a try?