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March – April 2019 Issue

Call of the Wild

After a 45 year career in wildlife, our Executive Director Bob Duncan writes a memorable goodbye.

The Wily Coyote

One of the most adaptable animals in North America, the coyote plays a necessary role in Virginia and is here to stay.

Grassroots: A Story of Virginia’s Working Landscapes

Landowners are partnering with organizations and citizen scientists to create landscapes that promote biodiversity.

Special Regulation Trout: Something for Everyone

A look at five of the numerous rivers and streams designated as “special regulation” which offer high quality trout fisheries for all.

Seldom Seen: Spring is for Spotted Salamanders

In the chill of early spring, spotted salamanders play out a rarely observed, age-old drama.

Working Together

Teaming with Ducks Unlimited, DGIF works to improve wildlife habitat on the Princess Anne and Hog Island WMAs.

Hunting Spring Gobblers 101

Want to try spring gobbler hunting? Check out this article on how to get started.