Spring Grove Farm Bed and Breakfast


Perched on a hilltop overlooking the Wreck Island Creek Valley, this beautiful historic plantation home has been lovingly restored and expanded into a magnificent bed and breakfast. The surrounding hillsides once supported a Christmas tree plantation but have since been allowed to return to natural cover. Numerous access roads crisscross the property, providing easy access to many of the farm’s more remote sections. While walking through the fields listen for the quiet chipping of northern cardinals, the oil-less squeaks of blue jays and the endless “teakettle, teakettle” of Carolina wrens. Overhead turkey vultures soar effortlessly along with the occasional red-tailed hawk, as common green darner and black saddlebag dragonflies patrol just above the tops of the scattered pines.

A stay at Spring Grove Farm is sure to provide an enjoyable wildlife watching experience while serving as the perfect base for exploring historic Appomattox County. Winter sends numerous sparrows to seek shelter in the brushy fields, with white-throated and white-crowned joining numerous dark-eyed juncos. Lincoln’s sparrows, as well as the whole range of eastern warblers and vireos, enjoy the plantation grounds during migration. Be sure to ask if any barn owls have taken up residence in the old buildings around the farm. If so, the best time to search for them is at dawn or dusk when they can be spotted hunting over the open fields. These times of day are also best for seeing wild turkeys trotting along the treeline or perhaps a coyote or bobcat sitting quietly in the early morning mist.


From the SR 24 Exit onto US 460, continue west on US 460 approximately 2.4 miles to Rt. 613. Turn right on Rt. 613 and follow it north 4.5 miles to a stop sign. Turn right staying on Rt. 613 and go 0.5 miles to the B&B on the right.

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