Skull’s Gap Overlook


Elevation: 3066 ft.
Skull’s Gap Overlook is a small site with a fantastic view. The Iron Mountain Trail is an extensive trail that can be accessed from this site. For wildlife watchers, Skull’s Gap is probably best suited for hawk-watching during fall migration. The scattered woodlands of the area might also produce a few songbirds during both spring and fall. The hillsides are vegetated with flowering shrubs and wildflowers. On a sunny summer day, this is a good spot to find a diversity of butterflies. White-tailed deer and wild turkey might also be seen in the distance from the overlook. Panoramic views are also conducive for spying more elusive wildlife such as bobcat.


From Elk Garden, drive north on Rt. 600 for 5.2 miles to Rt. 603; cross Rt. 603 and continue north on Rt. 600 for 2.4 miles to Skull Gap Overlook on the left.