Lake Frederick


Elevation: 645 ft.

With its variety of wildlife, Lake Frederick is worth exploring at any time of the year. Great blue and green herons, wood ducks and numerous dragonflies and damselflies join the long list of summer residents. In the winter, more waterfowl use the lake and almost anything could turn up! During migration periods, birds more typical of coastal areas may drop in, such as double-crested cormorants or perhaps a gull or tern. The surrounding meadows and woodlands support some of Virginia’s more representative bird species. Pileated woodpeckers can be heard calling from the woods on the far side of the lake, while eastern kingbirds prowl for insects in the fields bordering the parking area. Search for dragonflies like Halloween pennants intermixed with the more common widow and slaty skimmers along the banks of the reservoir.


From Blandy, return to the intersection of US 340 and US 50 East/US 17 South in Boyce. Travel south on US 340 for 3.9 miles until US 340 joins US 522. Turn left and continue 1.4 miles on US 340/US 522. Turn right onto an unmarked road and go 0.5 miles to the parking area next to the lake.