Holliday Lake State Park


Nestled in the heart of the Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest, this state park offers access to Holliday Lake, its facilities and its associated wetlands and woodlands. Follow the hiking trails through miles of diverse habitats and wildlife. Large numbers of chipping sparrows congregate in the open spaces near the parking area singing alongside a resident pair of northern mockingbirds, and numerous rowdy blue jays and American crows.

Out on the water, the rattle of belted kingfishers can be heard regularly as they streak back and forth across the lake. Watch for waterfowl such as wood ducks and blue-winged teal that drop in from time to time. It is also worth scanning the treetops on the far shore for the occasional eastern bluebird or perhaps a flock of cedar waxwings. Deeper in the woods, the largest woodpecker, the pileated, along with the smallest woodpecker, the downy, can be heard singing in the treetops. Scan the underbrush which can be filled with gray catbirds and migrant Swainson’s thrushes along with local Carolina wrens. Insects in the area are at their best during warmer weather when the lake can be alive with dozens of eastern amberwings, eastern pondhawks, slaty skimmers, prince baskettails and several other dragonfly species.


From Appomattox Court House NHP, return to SR 24 North. Turn left onto SR 24 and follow it for 6.0 miles to Rt. 626. Turn right on Rt. 626 and go 3.2 miles to Rt. 640. Turn left (northeast) on Rt. 640 and go 0.2 miles to Rt. 692. Turn right (east) on Rt. 692 and follow it 2.3 miles to the gate.