Crabtree Falls (U.S. Forest Service)


Elevation: 1593 ft.

Several tiers of gently cascading water comprise Crabtree Falls. Surrounded by hardwood forests, with large oaks, maples, birch, and hickories, this is an awe-inspiring scenic area whose natural beauty is sure to impress any visitor. The naturalist will enjoy hearing the cries of resident red-shouldered hawks or the evening serenades of great horned and barred owls. In the summer, Louisiana waterthrush can be found hopping along rock beds that line the water. Yellow-billed cuckoo and American redstart also breed here. The dazzling ebony jewelwing, black-winged damselfly with an electrifying metallic blue-green body line the edges of the water, and can also be found along woodlands edges or along the moist ravine banks.


From Spruce Creek Park, turn left onto SR 151 and return to Rt. 664 and turn right. Proceed up Rt. 664 to Rt. 680 (Cub Creek Road) and turn left. Go 5.1 miles on Rt. 680 to Rt. 699. Turn right onto Rt. 699 and proceed 1.4 miles to SR 56. Proceed west on SR 56 for 6.5 miles to Crabtree Falls on the left.