Seashore to Cypress


Great swarms of beachgoers during the peak summer season characterize this area for many people, and the beautiful beaches well justify its popularity. The area also offers a multitude of year-round eco-adventures, in addition to the summer sand and surf. Vast flocks of migrant shorebirds, streams of migrating songbirds and raptors, winter wetlands filled with waterfowl, dolphins and whales swimming offshore, and summer swarms of butterflies and dragonflies are what really characterize Virginia Beach as a year-round place to visit. Several companies in the area cater to wildlife lovers by offering whale watching excursions, pelagic birding trips, and other nature adventures. The Virginia Beach Department of Convention and Visitor Development will be happy to assist interested visitors in contacting these businesses. The area also has accommodations to fit every budget, cuisines that run the gamut, and all of the amenities a visitor could want.

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Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

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