DGIF Updates Related to COVID-19

Help for New Hunters

DGIF and Powderhook have partnered to create a better way for new and developing hunters in Virginia to find the help they need.

Find Mentors

Ask questions and learn from our DGIF Certified Mentors online and in the field through our Mentor Map below and on the free Powderhook mobile app.

Join Camps

Join a cohort of people talking about all things hunting and the outdoors in Powderhook. There are several camps covering various topics including the DGIF Virginia Camp with over 200 members and DGIF Certified Mentors! Join Here »

Take a Workshop

Find all the latest hunting-related workshops and events!

DGIF Certified Mentor Map

You can find potential hunting mentors through the map below and on the Powderhook mobile app. These DGIF Certified Mentors are all active Virginia Hunter Education Instructors who have valuable hunting knowledge and expertise. Each mentor is vetted and certified by DGIF specifically for this program. Look for the DGIF logo to ensure they are DGIF Certified Mentors and click their icon on the map to start a conversation through text, email or in the app.

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