Trout Heritage Day

Trout Heritage Waters for 2018

Note: The printed version of the digest has incorrect information for the 2018 Trout Heritage Waters. What follows are the accurate dates and times.

Trout Heritage Day falls on the historic opening day of trout season and has been developed to provide the type of fishing event that anglers who like opening day have missed. DGIF eliminated opening day of trout season in 1996 in order to increase the number of times streams are stocked and to provide increased trout fishing opportunities from October through May. While the majority of trout anglers continue to support this programmatic change, some trout anglers and communities liked the atmosphere and opportunity provided by the old opening day.

A group of 20 waters will be freshly stocked with trout to allow trout anglers and communities to plan activities around a known stocking date. The Department has worked with the U. S. Forest Service, local communities and private landowners to provide this opportunity.

Selected waters are stocked for the first Saturday in April to create an announced stocking event.

The following waters will be stocked for Heritage Day on April 7, 2018:

Waterbody County
Beartree Lake Washington County
Bark Camp Lake Scott County
Clinch Mountain Fee Fishing Area* Washington County
Cripple Creek (Ravens Cliff) Wythe County
Crooked Creek Fee Fishing Area* Carroll County
Douthat Lake Fee Fishing Area* Bath County
Hawksbill Creek Page County
Jennings Creek Botetourt County
Lake Witten Tazewell County
Liberty Lake Bedford County
Lincolnshire Lake Tazewell County
Middle Fork Holston River Smyth County
Passage Creek Shenandoah County
Pedlar River (upper) Amherst County
Pigg River Franklin County
Quantico MCB Prince William County
Robinson River Madison County
Rose River Madison County
South Fork Powell River Wise County
Tinker Creek Roanoke County

* The fee fishing areas are closed to angling from April 2-6. Heritage Waters are closed on Friday, April 6th. On April 7, fishing can begin at 9:00 a.m.