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Archive information October 1, 2016 – present is currently available.

March 17, 2018Bedford CountyLiberty Lake [Heritage Day Water]A
March 17, 2018Wythe CountyRural Retreat Lake PondA
March 17, 2018Giles CountyDismal CreekB
March 16, 2018Roanoke CountyRoanoke River (Salem)A
March 16, 2018Bland CountyLick CreekB
March 16, 2018Tazewell CountyLaurel CreekC
March 16, 2018Tazewell CountyLake Witten [Heritage Day Water]A
March 16, 2018Bath CountyBack CreekA
March 16, 2018Bath CountyBack CreekDH
March 16, 2018Highland CountySouth Branch Potomac RiverB
March 16, 2018Wise CountyBear Creek Reservoir (Wise Res.)B
March 16, 2018Scott CountyBark Camp Lake [Heritage Day Water]A
March 16, 2018Prince William CountyQuantico MCBB
March 16, 2018Floyd CountyGoose CreekB
March 15, 2018Roanoke CountyGlade CreekA
March 15, 2018Roanoke CountyTinker Creek [Heritage Day Water]A
March 15, 2018City of HamptonArmistead Pointe Park PondU
March 15, 2018City of ChesapeakeNorthwest River ParkU
March 15, 2018Bath CountyCowpasture RiverA
March 15, 2018Augusta CountyMills CreekC
March 15, 2018Augusta CountyUpper Sherando LakeB
March 15, 2018Fairfax CountyAccotink CreekDH
March 15, 2018Fairfax CountyHolmes RunDH
March 15, 2018Dickenson CountyCranesnest RiverB
March 15, 2018Wise CountyPound River / N. Fork Pound RiverDH
March 14, 2018Craig CountyBarbours Creek [NSF] B
March 14, 2018Botetourt CountyJennings CreekA
March 14, 2018Botetourt CountyMcFalls CreekC
March 14, 2018Botetourt CountyRoaring RunB
March 14, 2018Floyd CountyBurkes ForkA
March 14, 2018Patrick CountyDan River (Above Talbott) [NSF] B
March 14, 2018Patrick CountyRound Meadow Creek [NSF] C
March 14, 2018Alleghany CountyClifton Forge ReservoirA
March 14, 2018Alleghany CountyPounding Mill CreekB
March 14, 2018Alleghany CountySmith Creek [NSF] C
March 14, 2018Page CountyCub RunB
March 14, 2018Shenandoah CountyPeters Mill CreekC
March 14, 2018Rockingham CountyBriery Branch LakeA
March 14, 2018Rockingham CountyHone Quarry LakeA
March 14, 2018Rockingham CountySilver LakeB
March 14, 2018Nelson CountyTye RiverA
March 14, 2018Scott CountyStock CreekB
March 14, 2018Lee CountyNorth Fork Powell RiverA
March 14, 2018Floyd CountyLaurel ForkB
March 14, 2018Grayson CountyFox CreekB
March 14, 2018Grayson CountyMiddle Fox CreekB
March 13, 2018Henry CountySmith River (Dam)B
March 13, 2018Wythe CountyCripple Creek (Rt. 94)A
March 13, 2018Dickenson CountyFrying Pan CreekC
March 13, 2018Buchanan CountyRussell Fork RiverC
March 13, 2018Albemarle CountySugar Hollow ReservoirA
March 12, 2018Scott CountyBig Stony CreekB
March 12, 2018Scott CountyLittle Stony CreekB
March 12, 2018Washington CountyBeartree Lake [Heritage Day Water]A
March 10, 2018Bath CountyPads CreekB
March 10, 2018Carroll CountyCrooked CreekA
March 10, 2018Carroll CountyLittle Reed Island CreekA
March 10, 2018Smyth CountyMiddle Fork Holston River (Marion) [Heritage Day Water]A
March 10, 2018Smyth CountyMiddle Fork Holston River (Chilhowie) [Heritage Day Water]A

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Archived information currently available: stockings beginning October 1, 2016 and forward.