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Archive information October 1, 2016 – present is currently available.

December 14, 2017Bath CountyCowpasture RiverA
December 14, 2017Amherst CountyPedlar River (Upper) [Heritage Day Water]B
December 13, 2017Shenandoah CountyPassage Creek [Heritage Day Water]A
December 13, 2017Warren CountyPassage CreekDH
December 13, 2017City of StauntonLake TamsB
December 13, 2017Rockingham CountySilver LakeB
December 13, 2017City of LynchburgIvy Creek Park Pond (Clemmons Lake)U
December 12, 2017Augusta CountyLower Sherando LakeA
December 12, 2017Augusta CountyUpper Sherando LakeB
December 12, 2017Amherst CountyRocky Row RunC
December 11, 2017Russell CountyBig Cedar CreekA
December 8, 2017Patrick CountyDan River (Below Powerhouse)A
December 8, 2017Buchanan CountyDismal RiverA
December 8, 2017Rockingham CountySouth River (Grottoes)A
December 8, 2017Bath CountyWilson CreekB
December 7, 2017Madison CountyRose River [Heritage Day Water]A
December 7, 2017Madison CountyHughes RiverA
December 7, 2017Craig CountyPotts CreekA
December 7, 2017Page CountyHawksbill Creek [Heritage Day Water]A
December 7, 2017Frederick CountyPaddy RunB

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Archived information currently available: stockings beginning October 1, 2016 and forward.