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Note: if no stocking information has been posted by 4 PM, then no stockings have taken place on that day.

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Archive information October 1, 2016 – present is currently available.

December 12, 2018Bath CountySpring RunCR
December 12, 2018Bath CountyBullpasture RiverA
December 12, 2018Highland CountyBullpasture RiverA
December 7, 2018City of RichmondShield LakeU
December 7, 2018Henrico CountyDorey Park LakeU
December 7, 2018Fauquier CountyThompson WMA PondA
December 7, 2018Warren CountyHappy CreekB
December 7, 2018Bath CountyPads CreekB
December 7, 2018Patrick CountyRockcastle CreekB
December 7, 2018Roanoke CountyGlade CreekA
December 7, 2018Roanoke CountyTinker Creek [Heritage Day Water]A
December 6, 2018Greene CountySouth RiverB
December 6, 2018Madison CountyRose River [Heritage Day Water]A
December 6, 2018City of StauntonLake TamsB
December 6, 2018Rockingham CountySilver LakeB
December 6, 2018Alleghany CountyClifton Forge ReservoirA
December 6, 2018Bedford CountyLiberty Lake [Heritage Day Water]A

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Archived information currently available: stockings beginning October 1, 2016 and forward.