DGIF Updates Related to COVID-19

Daily Trout Stocking Schedule


In response to growing concern about the spread of COVID-19, VDGIF will be making the following changes to the 2020 Trout Stocking Program. Heritage Day, scheduled for April 4 is cancelled. All pre-announced stockings including Urban Program Waters and the Youth-Only Stocked Trout Program will be rescheduled and will no longer be announced before hand. All waters will still receive their full allotment of trout stockings for the season but stockings will not be announced ahead of time. Additionally, trout stockings at the Department’s three Fee Fishing Areas (Clinch Mountain, Crooked Creek, and Douthat Lake) will not begin in early April as planned, however, the Fee Areas will remain open to fishing.  During this time the requirement for the daily use permit will be waived but normal licensing requirements will remain in place.  Stockings at the Fee Areas will resume as soon as possible. Information on daily trout stockings can be found on the DGIF website or by calling the Trout Line at 434-525-3474.

Due to large crowds of anglers at some waters, the US Forest Service has requested that daily trout stockings of National Forest Waters no longer be announced until further notice.

This information will be on the website at the earliest possible time on Monday–Friday, depending on availability of the server. You may also call (434) 525-3474 after 4:00 PM for a voice message on those days.


Search Stocking Archive by Date:
March 31, 2020Patrick CountyDan River (Below Powerhouse)A
March 31, 2020Wythe CountyRural Retreat Lake PondA
March 31, 2020Henry CountySmith River (Lower)A
March 30, 2020Carroll CountyCrooked CreekA
March 30, 2020Carroll CountyLittle Reed Island CreekA
March 30, 2020Nelson CountySouth Rockfish River [NSF] C
March 30, 2020Bath CountyWilson Creek (Only)ZZ
March 28, 2020City of LynchburgIvy Creek Park Pond (Clemmons Lake)U
March 28, 2020Bland CountyWolf CreekA
March 27, 2020Smyth CountyStaley CreekA
March 27, 2020Wise CountyMiddle Fork Powell River (Appalachia)A
March 27, 2020Wise CountySouth Fork Powell River [Heritage Day Water]A
March 27, 2020Patrick CountyArarat RiverB
March 27, 2020Patrick CountyClarks CreekB
March 27, 2020Prince William CountyQuantico MCBB
March 26, 2020Rockingham CountySilver LakeB
March 26, 2020Roanoke CountyTinker Creek [Heritage Day Water]A
March 26, 2020Roanoke CountyGlade CreekA
March 26, 2020City of NortonNorton Reservoir (Upper)B
March 25, 2020Augusta CountySouth River (Ridgeview Park)A
March 25, 2020Rockbridge CountySouth RiverB
March 25, 2020Rockingham CountySouth River (Grottoes)A
March 25, 2020Madison CountyRobinson River [Heritage Day Water]A
March 25, 2020Bedford CountyLiberty Lake [Heritage Day Water]A
March 25, 2020Franklin CountyPigg River [Heritage Day Water]A
March 25, 2020Dickenson CountyRussell Fork River (Bartlick)A
March 25, 2020Dickenson CountyPound River (Flannagan Dam)A
March 25, 2020Floyd CountyBurkes ForkA
March 25, 2020Floyd CountyLittle RiverA
March 24, 2020Albemarle CountyMoormans River (S. Fork)B
March 24, 2020Roanoke CountyRoanoke River (City)A
March 24, 2020Washington CountyTennessee LaurelA
March 24, 2020Russell CountyBig Cedar CreekA
March 24, 2020Grayson CountyElk CreekA
March 24, 2020Tazewell CountyLake Witten [Heritage Day Water]A
March 23, 2020Alleghany CountyWilson Creek (Lower)C
March 23, 2020Buchanan CountyDismal RiverA
March 23, 2020Patrick CountyDan River (Above Talbott) [NSF] B
March 23, 2020Patrick CountyPoorhouse Creek [NSF] C
March 23, 2020Patrick CountyRound Meadow Creek [NSF] C
March 23, 2020Bath CountyWilson Creek (Only)ZZ