Daily Trout Stocking Schedule

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February 15, 2019Henry CountySmith River (Dam)B
February 15, 2019Bath CountyBullpasture RiverA
February 15, 2019Highland CountyBullpasture RiverA
February 15, 2019Rockbridge CountyMaury RiverA
February 15, 2019Rockbridge CountyMill CreekA
February 15, 2019Bath CountyJackson River Special Reg *
February 15, 2019Smyth CountyMiddle Fork Holston River (Chilhowie) [Heritage Day Water]A
February 15, 2019Smyth CountyMiddle Fork Holston River (Marion) [Heritage Day Water]A
February 14, 2019Botetourt CountyJennings CreekA
February 14, 2019Botetourt CountyMcFalls CreekC
February 14, 2019City of HamptonArmistead Pointe Park PondU
February 14, 2019City of ChesapeakeNorthwest River ParkU
February 14, 2019Shenandoah CountyPassage Creek [Heritage Day Water]A
February 13, 2019Bath CountyCowpasture RiverA
February 13, 2019Bath CountySpring RunCR
February 13, 2019Amherst CountyPedlar River (Upper) [Heritage Day Water]B
February 13, 2019Wise CountyMiddle Fork Powell River (Appalachia)A
February 13, 2019Wise CountySouth Fork Powell River [Heritage Day Water]A
February 12, 2019City of NortonNorton Reservoir (Upper)B
February 12, 2019Frederick CountyPaddy RunB
February 11, 2019Nelson CountySouth Rockfish River [NSF] C
February 11, 2019Tazewell CountyLincolnshire Lake [Heritage Day Water]A
February 8, 2019Smyth CountySouth Fork Holston River (Lower)A
February 8, 2019Augusta CountyNorth River (Gorge)B
February 8, 2019Augusta CountyNorth River (Natural Chimneys)B
February 8, 2019Page CountyHawksbill Creek [Heritage Day Water]A
February 8, 2019Albemarle CountyScottsville Lake (Was Named: Mink Creek Reservoir)A
February 8, 2019Floyd CountyBurkes ForkA
February 8, 2019Roanoke CountyGlade CreekA
February 8, 2019Roanoke CountyTinker Creek [Heritage Day Water]A