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Fish Citations

Striped Bass

Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
1/1/2003Shawn CopelandSmith Mountain Lake25 lbs., 08 oz.40
1/1/2003George ReevesSmith Mountain Lake37 1/4
1/14/2003Troy ProffittSmith Mountain Lake23 lbs.40
1/19/2003Lee Neighbors, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake26 lbs., 07 oz.40
3/8/2003Gene BarbourLake Anna20 lbs., 02 oz.34
3/13/2003Jeffery HaynesWestern Branch Reservoir25 lbs.37
3/22/2003Barry Lell, Sr.Carvins Cove Lake20 lbs.38
3/27/2003Jackson Evans, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake38
3/29/2003Henry GillespieSmith Mountain Lake37 1/4
4/2/2003Avery MatherlyClaytor Lake39 1/2
4/3/2003Michael SmithCarvins Cove Lake30 lbs.42
4/12/2003Mike FowlerSmith Mountain Lake38 1/2
4/16/2003Chris WilliamsPamunkey River24 lbs., 03 oz.38 1/2
4/16/2003Robert ThurmanSmith Mountain Lake37 1/2
4/19/2003Christopher WillisJames River28 lbs.38 1/2
4/19/2003Garnet Childress, Sr.Claytor Lake24 lbs.37
4/19/2003Michael HowellSmith Mountain Lake21 lbs., 04 oz.37
4/20/2003Anna VillanuevaMattaponi River25 lbs.38
4/20/2003Michael PadgettMattaponi River22 lbs.39
4/21/2003Joe Lugar Jr.Carvins Cove Lake31 lbs., 05 oz.43 1/2
4/21/2003Harvey Altice, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake37 1/4
4/22/2003John Shockley, Sr.Claytor Lake20 lbs., 10 oz.38
4/24/2003Charles FochtmanSmith Mountain Lake37 1/2
4/24/2003Charles FochtmanSmith Mountain Lake39
4/25/2003Thomas CollinsSmith Mountain Lake28 lbs., 05 oz.38 1/4
4/25/2003Michael Treadway Sr.Claytor Lake37 1/4
4/28/2003James McVeyPamunkey River39 3/4
4/30/2003Timothy Lockard, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake20 lbs.37
5/8/2003William DavisSmith Mountain Lake37
5/8/2003Linda GallimoreStaunton River21 lbs., 08 oz.37
5/13/2003Ricky Simmons Sr.James River38 3/4
5/31/2003Paul DelpSmith Mountain Lake37 1/4
5/31/2003Ronald Forney All Other Waters20 lbs., 06 oz.37
6/2/2003Capt. Forest PressnellNew River37 1/2
6/4/2003Jeff Creed, Jr.Claytor Lake20 lbs., 03 oz.38
6/9/2003Stacy MitchellClaytor Lake40
6/17/2003Thomas ComptonSmith Mountain Lake37
6/28/2003Mike FowlerLittle Creek Reservoir37 1/2
7/1/2003Edward AkersClaytor Lake21 lbs.40
7/1/2003LaMont HollandCarvins Cove Lake38
7/15/2003David BlankenshipClaytor Lake38
7/15/2003Charles Lee Jr.Claytor Lake38 1/2
7/16/2003Charles Lee Jr.Claytor Lake38
7/18/2003Michael PileggiLeesville Lake20 lbs.39
7/22/2003Freddie WilliamsSmith Mountain Lake21 lbs., 06 oz.39 1/2
7/27/2003Jason HawkinsLake Gaston23 lbs., 09 oz.39 1/2
8/16/2003Patricia PriceClaytor Lake37
8/27/2003Alfred Beckner, Sr.Carvins Cove Lake20 lbs.40
9/1/2003Cody SchraderPrivate Pond21 lbs., 07 oz.39 1/2
9/5/2003Jonathan KeutherLittle Creek Reservoir37 1/2
9/7/2003Jerry HarperClaytor Lake37
9/11/2003Michael SmithCarvins Cove Lake21 lbs., 06 oz.37
9/14/2003Richard NixBuggs Island Lake37 1/2
9/21/2003Randy PhillipsClaytor Lake25 lbs., 10 oz.39
9/22/2003Garry Kendrick, Sr.Smith Mountain Lake37
9/26/2003Jerry Bullins, Sr.Claytor Lake21 lbs., 04 oz.41 1/4
9/28/2003Timothy JarrellSmith Mountain Lake20 lbs., 08 oz.37 1/2
10/26/2003Danny BaughLake Gaston20 lbs., 12 oz.
10/28/2003Gary HowellClaytor Lake37 1/4
11/27/2003Robert Franceschini, IISmith Mountain Lake20 lbs.38
11/28/2003Thomas Pearce Jr.Lake Gaston23 lbs., 04 oz.38 1/2
11/28/2003Thomas Pearce Jr.Lake Gaston23 lbs., 08 oz.39
11/28/2003Kenney DavisLake Gaston21 lbs.38 1/2
11/28/2003William BoydLake Gaston21 lbs.37 3/4
11/28/2003James WynnLake Gaston21 lbs., 02 oz.38
11/29/2003James RosePotomac River42
11/29/2003James RosePotomac River38 1/2
12/5/2003Steven PittmanBuggs Island Lake37
12/6/2003James RosePotomac River39
12/21/2003Steven BakerLake Gaston25 lbs.
12/21/2003James Fitzwater Jr.Lake Chesdin21 lbs., 08 oz.
12/28/2003Christopher PeregoySmith Mountain Lake32 lbs.44

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