Fish Citations

Flathead Catfish

Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
1/2/2000Aubrey HowertonBuggs Island Lake27 lbs.38
1/4/2000Kenneth DaltonJames River26 lbs., 08 oz.
1/8/2000David ThompsonJames River25 lbs., 08 oz.40
1/8/2000Kenneth DanielBuggs Island Lake32 lbs.40
2/8/2000Warren ColeBuggs Island Lake28 lbs.
2/11/2000Kenneth DanielBuggs Island Lake28 lbs.40 1/2
2/13/2000Kenneth DanielBuggs Island Lake34 lbs.42 3/4
2/26/2000Elbert Dennis Jr.James River40
3/3/2000William GeeSmith Mountain Lake29 lbs., 15 oz.
3/19/2000Warren ColeBuggs Island Lake35 lbs.42
3/25/2000Christopher HillOccoquan Creek42 lbs.46 3/4
4/3/2000Eugene Reaves Jr.Dan River25 lbs., 04 oz.
4/8/2000Richard SteckerJames River27 lbs.
4/11/2000Kevin MatthewsDan River34 lbs.38
4/15/2000Charles Wolcott, Jr.Buggs Island Lake31 lbs., 12 oz.40
4/21/2000Edward RiffleOccoquan Creek42 lbs., 04 oz.46
5/3/2000James Gray Jr.Smith Mountain Lake26 lbs.
5/5/2000Robert ColeDan River31 lbs.
5/6/2000James Gray Jr.Smith Mountain Lake25 lbs., 03 oz.
5/7/2000Robert JonesDan River34 lbs.43
5/13/2000Jerry ThorntonDan River41 lbs., 04 oz.43
5/13/2000Jerry Green All Other Waters25 lbs., 08 oz.
5/14/2000Warren ColeDan River35 lbs.43
5/14/2000Warren ColeDan River27 lbs.
5/15/2000Linda PuryearBuggs Island Lake35 lbs.42
5/19/2000Warren ColeBuggs Island Lake31 lbs., 08 oz.
5/19/2000John Loyd, Sr.James River25 lbs., 08 oz.41 3/4
5/25/2000Jerry PulliamDan River30 lbs.
5/26/2000William Brown, Sr.Staunton River25 lbs.
5/27/2000Warren Thompson, Jr.Occoquan Reservoir48 lbs.45 1/4
5/27/2000Jerry ThorntonDan River34 lbs.42
6/1/2000Derek MayhewDan River33 lbs.42
6/2/2000Kevin JohnsonDan River42
6/2/2000Dan Watson, Sr.Dan River31 lbs., 12 oz.42
6/2/2000Jerry ThorntonDan River40 lbs.42 1/2
6/2/2000Bobby Bates, Sr.Dan River31 lbs., 10 oz.42 1/2
6/2/2000Bobby Bates, Sr.Dan River26 lbs., 02 oz.43 1/4
6/2/2000Bobby Bates, Sr.Dan River28 lbs., 12 oz.41 1/2
6/2/2000Julian HamletStaunton River25 lbs.36 1/4
6/3/2000Thomas Patterson, Jr.Dan River28 lbs.
6/3/2000Derek MayhewDan River40 1/4
6/3/2000Walter MoseleyStaunton River29 lbs., 12 oz.40
6/4/2000Michael MillsStaunton River27 lbs., 08 oz.
6/4/2000Michael MillsStaunton River34 lbs., 08 oz.41
6/4/2000Warren ColeDan River25 lbs., 08 oz.
6/4/2000Gary SmithDan River33 lbs., 08 oz.
6/4/2000Jerry ThorntonDan River25 lbs., 06 oz.34 1/2
6/4/2000Bobby Bates, Sr.Dan River44 lbs., 02 oz.47 1/2
6/5/2000Paul RigneyDan River40 1/2
6/5/2000Derek MayhewDan River40 1/2
6/5/2000Phillip Roark, Sr.Dan River40 1/2
6/8/2000Robert BarnesJames River25 lbs.40
6/8/2000Thomas Patterson, Jr.Dan River25 lbs., 08 oz.
6/9/2000James MooreBlackwater River29 lbs.40 1/4
6/10/2000Jerry ThorntonDan River25 lbs.35 1/2
6/10/2000George Talbott, Jr.Staunton River26 lbs., 01 oz.38
6/11/2000Steven DunnStaunton River34 lbs., 06 oz.41
6/11/2000Derek MayhewDan River28 lbs.40 1/4
6/11/2000Derek MayhewDan River40 1/2
6/14/2000Bradley WestonBuggs Island Lake40 lbs., 08 oz.
6/14/2000Christopher GauldinDan River28 lbs.38 1/2
6/14/2000Christopher GauldinDan River34 lbs.39 1/2
6/16/2000Jerry ThorntonDan River26 lbs.36
6/16/2000Jerry ThorntonDan River36 lbs.41
6/17/2000Barney Young, Jr.Dan River36 lbs., 08 oz.40 1/2
6/17/2000Gary SmithDan River26 lbs.
6/20/2000Christopher GauldinDan River37 lbs.41
6/22/2000Ronnie EastwoodDan River25 lbs.
6/22/2000Derek MayhewDan River40 3/4
6/22/2000Derek MayhewDan River41 1/2
6/23/2000Robert BentleyStaunton River25 lbs.
6/24/2000Gary SmithDan River25 lbs.
6/24/2000Jeffrey SmithDan River30 lbs.40 3/4
6/24/2000Kevin HammockDan River37 lbs., 12 oz.43
6/25/2000Barney Young, Jr.Dan River26 lbs.38
6/25/2000Thomas Mattox Jr.Claytor Lake29 lbs., 08 oz.
6/26/2000Christopher GauldinDan River30 lbs.38
6/27/2000Robert CampbellJames River26 lbs., 08 oz.
6/27/2000Brian YoderStaunton River25 lbs.
6/28/2000Michael WheelerDan River25 lbs.
6/28/2000George Dalton, Jr.Staunton River27 lbs., 09 oz.
6/29/2000Barney Young, Jr.Dan River29 lbs.
6/29/2000Christopher GauldinDan River36 lbs.44
6/29/2000Christopher GauldinDan River30 lbs.36
6/29/2000Christopher GauldinDan River28 lbs.38
6/29/2000Christopher GauldinDan River30 lbs.38
6/29/2000Lawrence Gilbert Jr.Dan River30 lbs.38
6/29/2000Larry ChattinDan River26 lbs.
7/2/2000Michael JamersonDan River30 lbs.40 1/2
7/2/2000Shannon ByersJames River50 lbs., 01 oz.43
7/3/2000Kevin HammockStaunton River31 lbs., 08 oz.41 1/2
7/3/2000Aaron DriskillJames River30 lbs.
7/3/2000Warren ColeDan River27 lbs.
7/4/2000Jerry ThorntonDan River27 lbs., 06 oz.39
7/7/2000Jerry ThorntonDan River28 lbs., 08 oz.38
7/8/2000Gary SmithDan River42 lbs., 08 oz.40 1/4
7/12/2000James Goodman Jr.Dan River26 lbs.
7/13/2000Barry StoutDan River25 lbs., 03 oz.37 1/4
7/13/2000Jerry GrubbsJames River27 lbs., 03 oz.39
7/14/2000Gary SmithDan River30 lbs.
7/14/2000Gary SmithDan River29 lbs.38
7/14/2000Jeffrey SmithDan River28 lbs., 08 oz.
7/14/2000Jeffrey SmithDan River29 lbs., 08 oz.
7/14/2000Steven MooreJames River27 lbs.
7/14/2000Bruce Weaver, Sr.James River25 lbs., 12 oz.
7/15/2000Sherman Calloway Jr. All Other Waters31 lbs., 04 oz.42
7/15/2000Thorton Campbell Jr.James River33 lbs., 08 oz.
7/16/2000Gary SmithDan River34 lbs.38
7/17/2000James Goodman Jr.Dan River28 lbs.
7/18/2000Phillip Roark, Sr.Dan River40
7/20/2000Robert HaleyDan River27 lbs., 02 oz.40 1/4
7/20/2000Robert HaleyDan River35 lbs., 06 oz.41 1/2
7/21/2000Jeffrey SmithDan River30 lbs., 08 oz.
7/21/2000Phillip Roark, Sr.Dan River25 lbs.40
7/22/2000Joseph FowlerClaytor Lake26 lbs., 04 oz.40
7/22/2000Paul RigneyDan River40 1/2
7/22/2000Paul RigneyDan River41 1/4
7/22/2000Derek MayhewDan River26 lbs.40 1/4
7/22/2000Derick KempNew River43 1/4
7/22/2000Russell ParkerDan River28 lbs.39
7/23/2000Eugene Reaves Jr.Dan River34 lbs.
7/23/2000Eugene Reaves Jr.Dan River38 lbs.
7/23/2000Carrie BrowningJames River25 lbs.38
7/23/2000James Goodman Jr.Dan River35 lbs.41 1/2
7/24/2000Eugene Reaves Jr.Dan River31 lbs.
7/26/2000Phillip Roark, Sr.Dan River29 lbs., 08 oz.41 1/2
7/27/2000Jessica ShorterStaunton River28 lbs.40
7/28/2000James BootheSmith Mountain Lake25 lbs., 04 oz.36 1/2
8/5/2000James StoverSmith Mountain Lake26 lbs., 03 oz.
8/5/2000Jared StricklerJames River27 lbs., 04 oz.39 1/2
8/6/2000Draper Mitchell Jr.James River35 lbs., 02 oz.36 1/2
8/6/2000Draper Mitchell Jr.James River38 lbs., 04 oz.32 3/4
8/8/2000Phillip Roark, Sr.Dan River43
8/8/2000Nicholas CossittJames River29 lbs., 05 oz.41
8/12/2000Jerome AdlerJames River25 lbs.38 1/2
8/13/2000Bobby Woolwine, Sr.Flannagan Reservoir25 lbs., 03 oz.40
8/17/2000Ryan PeckJames River25 lbs., 10 oz.
8/19/2000Barry WilliamsStaunton River28 lbs., 13 oz.42
8/20/2000Robert EadesStaunton River25 lbs., 05 oz.38 3/4
8/22/2000Gary DickersonDan River40 lbs.44
8/22/2000Kenneth CoffeyMill Creek30 lbs., 08 oz.
8/22/2000James HaleSmith Mountain Lake28 lbs., 13 oz.41
8/25/2000Derek MayhewDan River28 lbs.40 3/4
8/26/2000Hugh WilliamsStaunton River38 lbs.42
8/28/2000James StoverSmith Mountain Lake25 lbs., 15 oz.40
8/30/2000Keith DiggsSmith Mountain Lake26 lbs., 01 oz.41
8/31/2000Teresa RobersonSmith Mountain Lake27 lbs., 02 oz.
9/2/2000Clarence Logan, Jr.Briery Creek Lake26 lbs., 06 oz.
9/7/2000Preston GarrettJames River29 lbs.
9/18/2000Rassie Wright Sr.Claytor Lake29 lbs.42
9/22/2000Kenneth OakesBuggs Island Lake29 lbs.
9/24/2000Harold HillClaytor Lake43 lbs., 11 oz.44 1/2
9/26/2000Lonnie SpradlinSmith Mountain Lake30 lbs.40
9/28/2000Raymond Crowder, Jr.James River44
10/7/2000James Gray Jr.Smith Mountain Lake30 lbs., 08 oz.42
10/11/2000James Gray Jr.Smith Mountain Lake40
10/15/2000James RandolphJames River25 lbs.
10/16/2000Wallace SolomonBuggs Island Lake41 lbs.41
10/21/2000Bruce BarbourJames River26 lbs.40
10/22/2000West DonleyOccoquan Reservoir32 lbs.43
11/18/2000Walter Martin All Other Waters37 lbs.
11/19/2000Thomas RaineyLake Chesdin30 lbs., 08 oz.40
11/29/2000Donald MountcastleSmith Mountain Lake26 lbs., 06 oz.41 1/2
12/2/2000Sherman McKennaJames River28 lbs.42
12/3/2000Joshua MaysJames River27 lbs., 08 oz.
12/3/2000Sherman McKennaJames River25 lbs.39
12/3/2000Sherman McKennaJames River28 lbs.40
12/4/2000Jimmy HendricksJames River27 lbs.39 1/2
12/6/2000Sherman McKennaJames River40 1/4
12/6/2000Nathan HargisJames River30 lbs., 08 oz.39 1/2
12/6/2000Nathan HargisJames River25 lbs.38 1/2
12/7/2000Shannon MiddletonJames River40
12/8/2000Shannon MiddletonJames River30 lbs.43 3/4
12/8/2000Nathan HargisJames River25 lbs., 12 oz.39
12/9/2000Anthony Martin Jr.James River28 lbs.40
12/9/2000Sherman McKennaJames River29 lbs.42
12/12/2000Mark Dalton, Sr.James River25 lbs., 03 oz.39 1/4
12/14/2000Roy BurksJames River26 lbs.39 1/2
12/16/2000Kevin PattersonSmith Mountain Lake31 lbs., 08 oz.43
12/18/2000Nathan HargisJames River25 lbs., 04 oz.39 1/2
12/21/2000Nathan HargisJames River29 lbs., 08 oz.42
12/29/2000Mark Dalton, Sr.James River26 lbs., 04 oz.40 1/4

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