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Fish Citations


Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
2/25/2000Dwayne Snyder Sr.Pamunkey River10 lbs., 12 oz.31 1/2
3/1/2000Frederick WillisNorthwest River10 lbs., 08 oz.30 1/4
3/4/2000Kevin Brzenk All Other Waters31
3/4/2000Chris EberwienChickahominy River10 lbs.30 1/2
3/7/2000Charles HesterJames River12 lbs.31
3/12/2000Mike GeerPrivate Pond32
3/24/2000Gregory LeeLake Whitehurst10 lbs., 09 oz.32 1/2
3/26/2000Derek Cloninger All Other Waters31
3/31/2000Jeremy MoorePrivate Pond31
4/8/2000Cody CatlettDiascund Reservoir10 lbs., 10 oz.30
4/9/2000Linda CogleDiascund Reservoir30 1/2
4/10/2000Suzanne NeblettChickahominy River10 lbs.
4/15/2000William Henry, Jr.Back Bay30 1/2
4/16/2000Henry Rose, Jr.Fort Pickett Reservoir31
4/21/2000Dino Hallmark, Sr.Back Bay33 1/2
4/21/2000William Henry, Jr.Back Bay38
5/6/2000William Henry, Jr.Back Bay36 1/2
5/12/2000Joseph CappsDiascund Reservoir34 1/4
5/23/2000Joseph Sheaffer Jr.Chickahominy Lake10 lbs., 05 oz.30 1/4
5/25/2000Greggory VaughanLake Meade30 3/4
5/27/2000James GossettNorthwest River30 1/4
6/14/2000Aubrey Walsh, Sr.Chickahominy Lake11 lbs.
7/4/2000Lorraine MayhewRappahannock River30 1/2
7/15/2000Leon ArmijoLake Prince33 3/4
7/16/2000Kristie MilesChickahominy Lake31
7/19/2000Roy Cook, Sr.Chickahominy Lake11 lbs.31 1/4
7/29/2000Mark PerduePrivate Pond30
8/3/2000George YoumanPrivate Pond12 lbs., 01 oz.31
8/19/2000Thomas PolkLake Prince35
10/21/2000Robert Hummer Jr.Diascund Reservoir12 lbs., 03 oz.
10/24/2000Chip JensNottoway River30
10/31/2000Charles TurnerBlackwater River30
11/18/2000Gary VerbeckChickahominy River10 lbs.30 1/4
12/11/2000Robert Dern, Jr.Chickahominy Lake31 1/4
12/19/2000James SamuelChickahominy Lake11 lbs., 10 oz.31 3/4

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