Facility Closures & Alerts

Notice: Continued flooding from the passage of Hurricane Florence continues to impact areas of Virginia creating potentially hazardous conditions. Mud and debris may be present on parking lots, docks and ramps. Please use caution when launching and retrieving boats and visiting our boating and fishing access sites. Our staff are addressing these issues as water levels recede and are cleaning and repairing sites as quickly as possible. Continued high water at many sites means it will take some time to address all access issues. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

AllisoniaAll public boating access points on the upper New River are considered unsafe due to high water levels from the recent storm. The following DGIF access points should not be used until river levels drop to a safe level: Allisonia, Fosters Falls, Austinville, Ivanhoe, Loafers Rest, Byllesby, Fries, Riverside, Old Town, Independence, Baywood, Bridle Creek, Mouth of Wilson.
Briery CreekThere is a currently a logging operation at Briery Creek WMA. Please be aware of log trucks/activity in the area of Washout Road (Rt. 701)
CavalierThe main road running north to south is closed after the forth road due to damage from the recent rainfall. Please check back for updates.
Hog IslandThere is an ongoing construction project in conjunction with Ducks Unlimited to replace aging water control structures. Hunters are advised to only bring decoys they can physically carry from the main road, as vehicles will not be permitted off the main road. Crops are still in the fields so we suggest floating water decoys. There are currently very few geese utilizing the area. Due to some inconsistency in the wording of the Managed Hunt Advertisement for Hog Island — for this year all four Wednesdays in September will be waterfowl hunt days for Canada geese and/or teal when in season. Hunt days are: September 5, 12, 19 and 26, 2018.
Albemarle LakeAlbemarle Lake is in need of major control tower repairs and dam renovations to meet new dam safety requirements. The Department is planning to complete the repairs to the dam and control structure starting this spring (2018). During construction, the lake will be lowered considerably and the facilities (lake and access roads) will be closed to recreational activities. The expected start date of the project is March 15th, 2018 and is expected to last 5 months until completion. The Department understands this is an inconvenient time of year, but these repairs are necessary and limited to this time frame for construction due to funding and scheduling around other priority projects. We apologize to our constituents for any inconvenience and will update this notice with any changes to the construction schedule or facility closure information. If you are looking for other waters to visit in the Charlottesville area, please look at the listings under Albemarle County on our lakes webpage.
Chandler's Mill PondThe Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and landowners adjoining the Chandler’s Mill Pond Dam have come to an agreement in principle regarding needed easements to allow the repair/renovation of the Chandler’s Mill Pond Dam to move forward. These documents will be submitted for approval to the Department of Real Estate Services and the Office of the Attorney General. We can now finalize our engineering for the renovation, submit needed permit applications and open bidding for the construction. Our expected timeline for these processes to be completed makes construction in the spring/summer of 2017 likely. Performing this work during the spring required an additional level of environmental review to ensure it doesn’t pose an unacceptable risk to anadromous fish that might use the watershed to move from the Chesapeake Bay into fresh waters to breed. This includes species such as striped bass, shad and alewives. Extensive sampling of Chandler’s Mill Pond over many years has resulted in no records of any anadromous species, despite the presence of a fish ladder of the existing dam. Numerous beaver dams downstream of Chandler’s Mill Pond prevent these fish from moving up the watershed to the project area. The new dam structure will be designed with a natural fishway to maintain connectivity between Chandler’s Mill Pond and downstream waters, especially for species such as American eel.
Cook LakeThe Urban Fishing Lakes will NOT be stocked with trout due to pond renovation by the City of Alexandria Public Works. The site is out of commission for at least all of 2017 due to extensive renovation and we do not have an estimate of reopening at this time.
Tomahawk PondBeginning in mid-April the water level in Tomahawk Pond will be lowered approximately 4 feet for repairs to fishing access areas. DGIF plans to continue stocking trout up to the drawdown date and meet the annual number of stockings for Tomahawk Pond. Fishing will continue to be permitted in non-construction areas such as the dam and areas contractors are not actively working. These improvements are made possible using funds from Forest Stamp purchases by anglers and hunters across the Commonwealth. Cooperative project of the US Forest Service and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.
Big Tumbling Creek (Clinch Fee Fishing Area)

Anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts need to be aware of a recent road failure that occurred at the Clinch Mountain WMA along the gorge access road. Heavy persistent rains caused the roadway to collapse on February 19, 2018. As a result, public vehicular access is restricted to the WMA boundary along Big Tumbling Creek to the gate at the foot of the mountain into the foreseeable future until repairs can be made. This closure will limit access to the gorge area and above along Big Tumbling Creek (Section D), Laurel Bed Lake, mobility limited angler access areas, and the shooting range. Current plans are to manage the fee fishing area during the 2018 season from the lower boundary where Section A begins upstream to include Section C. Section D and the mobility limited fishing access areas will not be stocked in 2018 until after road repairs can made and the road reopened.

Tumbling Creek Road Repair Update: September 5, 2018

Stocking during the 2018 Fee Fishing Season will be as follows:

Monday: Section B – Starting at the bridge above the WMA manager’s residence upstream to the gate at the bottom of the mountain. Section C – (foot access) Foot of the mountain upstream to the mouth of Red Creek.

Wednesday: Section A – The beginning of the fee area upstream to the WMA shop.

Friday: Section B and Section C

Saturday: Section A

More information can be obtained by contacting the Marion Regional Office (276-783-4860).

Clarkton BridgeClarkton Bridge Boat Landing, located just off Rt. 620 (Clarkton Bridge Road), in Charlotte County has been permanently closed to public access. Boaters are encouraged to use the DGIF Boat Landing located off US 501 at Brookneal or the Watkins Bridge Boat Landing on Rt. 746 north of Clover.
Hoskin's CreekBeginning Monday, September 10, 2018, the Hoskin's Creek boat ramp and fishing pier in Tappahannock, Virginia will be closed for renovation. The project is anticipated to take up to 90 days, although inclement weather can impact this time frame. This is a much-needed project to upgrade the failing ramp, launch pier, and fishing platform on Hoskin's Creek in a popular stretch of the Rappahannock River. Please consider the DGIF ramps at Carters Wharf, Totuskey, and Simonson in Richmond County and Mill Stone in Middlesex County, as well as the several pay ramps in the area as alternative launching spots during this time period. For questions related to the project please contact Ed Carr, Virginia DGIF Project Manager, at ed.carr@dgif.virginia.gov or 804-367-8311.
AylettThe Aylett Boat ramp is temporarily closed due to dangerous conditions caused by high water and debris.
Greenvale CreekBoaters are advised that the U.S. Coast Guard has determined that due to extreme shoaling Greenvale Creek in Lancaster County is no longer considered a navigable waterway. Consequently the Coast Guard has removed all navigational markers. Boaters should exercise caution when attempting to navigate Greenvale Creek and should be particularly aware of tides.
WhitethornePlease note that parking is only allowed in the DGIF parking lot adjacent to the boat ramp. Because of safety concerns, parking on railroad property on the opposite side of the tracks is prohibited. DGIF is working to secure additional overflow parking arrangements. Please respect private property and comply with posted regulations.
Crooked CreekDue to storm damage, Harrison Ridge Road is only accessible by four wheel drive vehicles. This is a VDOT-maintained road and, at this time, it is unknown when repairs will be completed.
RapidanDue to several severe recent weather events, the Middle River Tract of the Rapidan WMA is closed to vehicular traffic at the end of the pavement on Route 615/Bluff Mountain Road. Significant damage has occurred along the access road, including the loss of culverts and several washouts of the road surface itself. WMA visitors can park near the kiosk at the end of the pavement and access the WMA by foot. This road will remain closed to vehicular traffic until the road surface has been repaired. Vehicular access to the Rapidan Tract has been impacted by these same storms. WMA visitors are encouraged to use a 4WD vehicle to access this tract.
Hearthstone LakeHearthstone Lake has a scheduled drawdown this coming fall and winter due to necessary repairs to the dam. Currently the drawdown is planned to begin in November. The lake will be refilled once construction is complete. Trout will not be stocked during the fall of 2018 or until construction and lake refill has been completed. Call the DGIF Verona Regional Office at 540-248-9360 for more information regarding the drawdown. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Powhatan PondsBeginning July 3rd, 2017 the lower end of Deer Lane (Route 662) on the Powhatan Wildlife Management Area will be closed to vehicular traffic until further notice due to vandalism and road conditions. The closed section includes the last quarter-mile of road continuing down to the boat landing at the Sunfish Pond. This section will remain open to foot traffic and non-motorized vehicles. The Sunfish Pond will remain open for fishing and carry-in watercraft use. Please refer to the Powhatan Ponds webpage for updates.
Little Page BridgeDue to recent flooding mud and debris maybe present on the slide. Use caution when launching and retrieving.
Laurel Bed LakeAnglers and other outdoor enthusiasts need to be aware of a recent road failure that occurred at the Clinch Mountain WMA along the gorge access road. Heavy persistent rains caused the roadway to collapse on February 19, 2018. As a result, public vehicular access is restricted to the WMA boundary along Big Tumbling Creek to the gate at the foot of the mountain into the foreseeable future until repairs can be made. This closure will limit access to the gorge area and above along Big Tumbling Creek (Section D), Laurel Bed Lake, mobility limited angler access areas, and the shooting range. For more information on stocking during the 2018 fee fishing season, please see the Big Tumbling Creek (Clinch Fee Fishing Area) section. Tumbling Creek Road Repair Update: September 5, 2018
Ancarrow's LandingDue to recent high water events, mud and slippery conditions may be present. Use caution when launching and retrieving.