Questions to ask students once they have learned about mapping. Give them a topographic map or a copy of one.

1.  When was the map last revised?

2.  What is the maps scale?

3.  A 1:24,000 map is also called a _____ minute quad.
     a.  7.5                  c.  2.9
     b. 16.3                  d.  8.6

3.  What does the map scale mean?

4.  Circle one (for each):
     latitude lines run         east-west           north-south

     longitude lines run      	east-west           north-south

5.  0 latitude line is the ________________________.                             

6.  0 longitude line is the _______________________.                                                                                                

7.  What do the numbers in brown mean?

8.  The contour lines (brown lines) mean an area is ______________ when they are close 
	together or when ______________ they are farther apart.

9.  Latitude and longitude coordinates are given in what units?

10.  How many seconds in one minute?

11.  How many minutes in one degree?

12.  Ask students to find specific points (latitude and longitude) on the map you
     have given them.