Beginner Habitat Codes

Developed Areas

112 Downtown City (tall buildings/skyscrapers)
114 Interstate/Road in a city
134 Rural Interstate or road
121 Moderately developed business or residential area
131 Lightly developed residential neighborhood
135 Schools, golf courses, mowed parks with trees/grass

Unvegetated Area

232 Cliffs
233 Beach
236 Mudflat

Agricultural Areas

311 Pasture
312 Crop Fields (soybeans, corn, etc.)
313 Orchard

Unforested Areas

412 Unmowed meadow (wildflowers or not recently disturbed)
415 Unmowed pasture with cedars growing up
416 Recent clearcut area

Forested Areas

570 Deciduous Forest (Trees that drop their leaves in winter)
670 Mixed Deciduous/Coniferous Forest
711 Planted young pine plantation
770 Coniferous Forest (Trees that bear cones, usually pines)


812 Reservoir
814 Farm/small pond
815 Stream/river
820 Open Saltwater


920 Vegetated freshwater marsh
925 Forested wetland
930 Riparian (edge of stream or river) area
950 Vegetated ocean beaches/behind dunes wetlands