About WildlifeMapping

WildlifeMapping is an outreach program that allows school children, citizens, community groups, and other city, county and state organizations to collect wildlife-related information that will be available to everyone. The program provides an opportunity for students and volunteers to perform field studies that contribute to the state's biological databases.

Due to staffing issues, DGIF is not holding any workshops at this time. Please contact your local Virginia Master Naturalist Chapter to see if they are holding any. Thank you. — WildlifeMapping Administrative Staff.

What's New?

  • Online Data Entry:
    • Dear WildlifeMappers - At long last, the new online data entry program has arrived! In addition to its greater ease of use, we hope you will enjoy the new features, especially the ability to create your own species distribution maps, either for your own observations, or that of all WildlifeMappers. Once you click on the link, please follow instructions for new logon procedures. Most of you will need to create a new password which you will use from now on - you will no longer need to use your Observer Code number! While we hopefully caught and corrected most of the glitches inherent in any new software, please let us know if you encounter any problems, or if you're having any difficulties. We'd also like to hear any positive comments you might have!
  • WildlifeMapping Workshops - become a part of the WildlifeMapping program!
  • Coder's Manual (PDF)
  • WildlifeMapping Resource Manual (PDF)
  • Data Collection Form (PDF)
  • WildlifeMapping Workshop Handouts and Reprints

Getting Started — The Wildlife Module

Various topics are covered that relate to procedures that one should know to participate in the program, such as:

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