Wild Turkey Management Planning Process

Update as of June 2013

The Wild Turkey Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) gathered for its third meeting on June 6, 2013, in Verona, VA. Before this meeting convened, SAC members drafted preliminary goals for consideration in the proposed management plan; these goals considered the suite of values expressed by stakeholders during earlier public involvement efforts. The Wild Turkey Technical Committee, composed of DGIF technical staff with turkey expertise, met on May 30, 2013, to review these goals and offer suggestions for clarification and consistency with DGIF policies. The Technical Committee also developed draft management objectives and potential strategies that would achieve the goals and objectives.

At its third meeting, SAC members reviewed, discussed, and ultimately approved a set of broad management goals for inclusion in the draft Wild Turkey Management Plan. In addition, members discussed and evaluated the draft objectives and potential strategies created by the Wild Turkey Technical Committee; SAC members offered additional potential strategies for consideration in the plan.

Currently, the Wild Turkey Technical Committee is incorporating SAC input into a draft for final review by the SAC. The draft plan will be released for broader public review in July; copies of the draft plan will be available for review via the VDGIF Turkey Plan webpage, and other media outlets (e.g., press release, VDGIF Outdoor Report). Public comments will be solicited in public meetings to be held at various locations around Virginia, and via the VDGIF website once the plan is ready for review. Please continue to monitor the VDGIF Turkey Plan webpage for future updates, including dates and locations of public meetings. The goal is to have a finished 10-year Wild Turkey Management Plan available for consideration by the DGIF Board of Directors sometime during the fall, 2013.