Wild Turkey Management Planning Process

Update as of April 2013

The Wild Turkey Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) gathered for the second time on March 19, 2013, in Verona. The SAC was introduced to the complex decision-making process in which the agency engages when allocating the wild turkey harvest; SAC members saw how decisions made relative to fall harvest have significant implications to both spring and fall seasons and participating stakeholders. The SAC also continued work on identifying the values that drive identified issues and concerns related to wild turkey management. Between the 2nd and 3rd meeting, the SAC will begin drafting preliminary goals for the management plan based on these values. The third meeting of the SAC will be in mid-May, during which final draft goal statements will be crafted for public review. Please continue to monitor the VDGIF website for future updates.

Below are the members composing the Wild Turkey Stakeholder Advisory Committee. The individuals serving on the committee represent a diverse group of interests; many are landowners, farmers, hunters, and are members of conservation groups. Five individuals are serving on behalf of an organization with stakes in wild turkey management in Virginia.

Stakeholder Advisory Committee Members

  • Richard Pauley
  • Earl Sechris
  • Gratten Hepler
  • Frederick Payne
  • Daune Angell
  • Chip Watkins
  • Clint Keller
  • Steve Fritton
  • Cully McCurdy - National Wild Turkey Federation
  • Dick Thomas - Virginia Vineyard Association
  • Wilmer Stoneman - Virginia Farm Bureau
  • Mary Elfner - Virginia Society of Ornithology
  • Carol Croy - US Forest Service