Tundra Swan Management

Tundra swans, like most waterfowl, are managed cooperatively by federal and state agencies. To provide for the effective conservation of tundra swans a specific plan, the "Management Plan for Tundra Swans" (Ad Hoc Tundra Swan Committee 1998) was developed with the cooperation of federal, state and international partners. The plan provides for the conservation and management of tundra swans while allowing for a variety of benefits to society. These benefits include aesthetic, educational, scientific, and recreational uses that are compatible with the status and welfare of the species. Subsistence hunting for tundra swans occurs in Canada and Alaska, and limited hunting in the U.S. is permitted when populations are within established population goals. A Tundra Swan Hunt Plan has been developed as part of the overall management plan to establish guidelines and frameworks for tundra swan hunting seasons.

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