Virginia’s Elk Management Plan

DGIF has developed an elk management plan to define and describe the future of elk management in Virginia, focused in the Southwest region of the Commonwealth but applying to all Virginians. YOU are the motivation behind writing an elk management plan and we are asking for your help in a crucial part of the plan development process.

With elk established and growing, DGIF is planning for long term, sustainable management of the elk shaped by sound science and public input. Virginia’s Elk Management Plan is an extensive summary of our current state of knowledge regarding history, biology and ecology of elk and long-term Goals, Objectives and Strategies for how elk will be managed into the future. Those Goals, Objectives, and Strategies were shaped through a process soliciting and fostering input and guidance from various stakeholder representatives as the plan was formed.

The section of the plan describing the Goals that will guide elk management is the focal area where we need your help. How do YOU feel about elk in Virginia? Does the plan anticipate your concerns regarding elk management? Are there opportunities that you anticipate to come from elk management that have not been addressed? Are there parts of the plan that require additional clarification? The purpose of this plan is to provide strategic guidance for the management of elk that will be used by DGIF staff to manage elk into the future and is not intended to detail all strategies that will be used in that management.

Please provide all comments to the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries no later than December 5th, 2018.

Read the Full Virginia Elk Management Plan 2019–2028 (PDF)