Breaks Interstate Park

Nestled on Pine Mountain in Dickenson County and extending into Kentucky, the Park provides excellent cliff habitat for peregrines, and is thought to be the last known peregrine nesting location in Virginia prior to the species' extirpation. A hack program was initiated at the Park in 2007 and continued in 2008, resulting in the release of a total of 19 chicks. Hacking was suspended in 2009, however, in response to reports of falcons in the Park. Falcon sightings included an adult and subadult bird observed perched side by side, and subadults falcons observed individually or in pairs. This level of activity sparked hopes that a breeding pair would be formed in 2010, but unfortunately no falcons were documented this year. It is hoped that surveys in 2011 will definitively establish whether peregrine falcons are present at the Park.