Lake Whitehurst

The Lake Whitehurst Fishing Station and Boat Ramp closed on November 1, 2009, due to Norfolk International Airport security needs and updated regulations issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. The City of Norfolk, which operated the station and ramp, has no plans to re-open these facilities. Current fishing access to the lake is limited to lakefront residents and their guests. The VDGIF suspended its management of fisheries in the lake in 2009 because of the loss of public access to the lake.

For more information about the closure of the fishing station and boat ramp at Lake Whitehurst, please contact the City of Norfolk’s Reservoir Manager at (757) 441-5678. For other freshwater fishing lakes and opportunities in this area of the state, including others owned by the City of Norfolk (but located in other cities or counties), please check out these waterbodies.

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