Waterway Marker Inspector

General Description:

Assists Law Enforcement Division staff by performing annual inspections on Regulatory Waterway Marker Permit sites.

Specific Duties:

  • Performs annual inspections of Regulatory Waterway Marker sites
  • Utilizes GPS coordinates, maps, drawings and other information, to locate existing sites
  • Takes GPS readings of existing sites to determine accuracy of placement and compliance
  • Details findings on Department forms
  • Contacts permit holders to update contact information and responsible party information
  • Details results of updates on Department forms or in database
  • Sends out correspondence to responsible parties to gain compliance with maintenance requirements for permit sites
  • Assists Department in modernizing and standardizing current system
  • Makes inspections of potential sites for new Regulatory Waterway Marker permits
  • Makes recommendations to Region staff concerning placement of markers and new permit sites


  • Knowlegeable in use of GPS, mapping, navigation, latitude and longitude readings
  • Able to operate watercraft appropriate to water location and size
  • Skilled in the use of computers and able to learn and perform limited functions on Access database
  • Availability in spring to early summer months
  • Able to accurately keep records and make reports
  • May be required/permitted to drive state vehicle or watercraft during the course of operations (Requires written authorization from CWF Program Coordinator)
  • May be required to utilize volunteer’s privately owned watercraft to perform duties (Requires a signed Memorandum of Agreement prior to use and reimbursement)


  • Orientation
  • On the Job Training
  • Advanced - as determined by responsibilities undertaken