Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
Complementary Work Force Program

Mission Forward; Mission Minded

News and Updates

Volume 10, August 2009

In This Edition:

State Coordinators Report

Hello Everyone!

This edition of the News and Updates will vary from our usual format. I'm giving the Region Coordinators a much-deserved break from writing assignments, after a very busy spring and early summer. They have been doing Herculean work, processing applications, handling high volumes of kill permit requests, coordinating your work efforts, and planning and implementing the region awards and recognition events. Instead, we will take the opportunity to spotlight our outstanding volunteers, including the Region Volunteers of the Year and the Quarter, along with our CWF State Volunteer of the Year for 2008. Please join me in congratulating our winners!

Also in this issue, read the excerpts from a recent survey sent to members of our staff who've worked with volunteers. Learn what they have to say about the program and your extraordinary efforts. Look at the program statistics from inception, for 2008 and the first half of 2009. This will give you an idea of the positive impact CWF volunteers are having within the Department.

Our new incentive program is off to a good start. Review the information about service hour levels and incentives offered. We continue to research ideas for higher level gifts, and welcome your suggestions. Obviously, we underestimated the level of dedication as some of our volunteers have quickly exceeded our current top level! Way to go!

It is my pleasure to introduce our newest CWF staff member. Ms. Wanda Wilson, Program Support Specialist II at the Verona Office, has agreed to take on additional duties assisting with the coordination of our CWF volunteers in Region 4. Wanda succeeds Jason Hallacher, Fisheries Technician, who was crucial to the CWF Program's early implementation in Region 4. Many thanks, Jason, for a job well done!

Wanda has been with the Department for 3 years. Prior to this, she held positions as a deputy sheriff in Waynesboro, in Human Resources and Quality Assurance in a hospital setting, and as secretary for the Building Official in Waynesboro.

Wanda says, "I truly enjoy all aspects of my job. I am a "people person," so I enjoy working with the public. I do have to mention the staff here (including our CWF staff) is absolutely the best, which helps make an extremely busy job much more enjoyable. Being the Region CWF Coordinator gives me an opportunity to work directly with the volunteers, whom I consider one of our most valuable resources. I have lots of goals for the program in Region 4, the main one being to match the right volunteer to his/her area(s) of interest in order for each of them to best serve in the program." Wanda is already familiar with her volunteers in Region 4 and has waded right in to learn all the ropes of CWF program administration. She has already planned and implemented her first training program for Wildlife Damage Inspections.

Wanda is a native Virginian, and currently resides in Waynesboro. She has a son and daughter-in-law, who recently presented her with her first grandchild-a beautiful baby boy.

Welcome Wanda! We look forward to working with you.

This spring we held our first annual Volunteer Awards and Recognition events in the three active regions. What a pleasure meeting many of you, our volunteers, and putting the faces with the names I've come to know so well through applications, phone calls, and emails. It was also a chance to see many dear friends and acquaintances from among you whom I have been lucky enough to work with in the past year. It was an honor and a delight to see everyone. The Region Coordinators, Jim Battle, Thomas Goldston, and Jason Hallacher all did a bang up job of planning, adding their own particular style to make each a unique event. On behalf of all the CWF Coordinators, our thanks go out to all the volunteers and staff who joined us to celebrate. The camaraderie was inspiring! To those who didn't make it, we missed you! We hope you will be able to join us for the fun next year. Look for pictures from this year's events throughout the newsletter.

Region Volunteers of the Year

During each Region Awards and Recognition celebration, we announced the CWF Program Region Volunteer of the Year for 2008. We are pleased to again recognize and commend them for their participation, and their dedication to the Complementary Work Force Program. Each Region Coordinator selected a volunteer for outstanding service to VDGIF.

CWF Region 1 Volunteer of the Year-Hugh Jones

Aylett, VA
Retired Electrical Engineer, worked for IBM (36 years)
Applied for CWF 12/7/07-Accepted 4/4/08
Age 67
Wife: Gloria Jones

Hugh became a member of the CWF Program during April 2008. He received his training for the crop damage inspection/kill permit program during his final interview session and was facilitating kill permit requests by June. Hugh lives in King William County and became a regular attendant at the King and Queen Fish Hatchery back in June. Hugh works at the hatchery weekly, assisting with general maintenance, grass cutting, fish stocking, and whatever else that needs to be done. He is always looking for additional ways to volunteer. In 2008, Hugh racked up more hours than any other volunteer in Region 1. This is a testament to his dedication to the program, especially when you consider that this native of Vermont also spends time there during the year. Hugh is also very conscientious about sending in his monthly reports, and is always on time.

Hugh is a retired Electrical Engineer and brings a lot of experience and talent to the CWF Program. His skills include carpentry, plumbing, and electrical, all useful, especially at the fish hatchery. He has shown a willingness to do the not so glamorous work and to go the extra mile. His hatchery supervisor, Chris Dahlem, praises his work and places high value on his contribution to the operations and management of the hatchery. He is a self starter, has high energy, and is able to work independent of close supervision.

Thank you for your dedicated and consistent efforts Hugh, and congratulations on being selected the CWF Region 1 Volunteer of the Year.

Complementary Work Force Region 4 Volunteer of the Year-Frank Showalter

Samuel Franklin (Frank) Showalter
Timberville, VA
Farmer, and owner of "Showalter Slaughter House and Meat Processing" and "Franko BBQ" catering company
Applied for CWF 9/14/07-Accepted 11/15/07
Age: 66 yrs.
Wife: Cathy Showalter

Frank Showalter, of Rockingham County, is a real Virginia original! He and his band of brothers in Region 4 were the first active CWF Program volunteers, initially dubbed "The Bucket Brigade" for their trout stocking efforts in the Valley. Frank has proven himself to be an amazing individual and a hard working volunteer. He is extremely diverse and interested in assisting all divisions. Frank brings a lot of character to the program and works well with all the CWF members and VDGIF employees. He says, "By far one of my favorite parts of volunteering is the friendships we have formed, as well as the opportunity to give back to the community and the Game Department."

In 2008, Frank donated many, many hours, regularly stocking trout and assisting the fisheries division by helping with the coordination and logistics of all the stocking dates he attended. As the owner of a slaughter house and a catering business, Frank made sure that his fellows had some tasty lunches to enjoy along the stream banks after a hard morning's work. His generosity and cooking skills are legendary.

Because of the seasonal nature of trout stocking, Frank found he needed some other outlets for his volunteering skills, so he attended training to issue kill permits. With this training and his many years of experience as a farmer, he now happily performs damage inspections and issues deer kill permits for VDGIF throughout Rockingham County. Frank also provides on-the-job training to other volunteers for this activity.

Frank has also attended Nuisance Wildlife training and assisted with numerous stream cleanups and trail maintenance work days. Frank says, "A clean and healthy natural habitat is imperative for the wildlife, and to be cherished by us and future generations. I feel fortunate to be working with an organization dedicated to this endeavor. We can all work together to educate our communities, particularly the youth, about how important this is."

Judging by his interest and enthusiasm, he is just getting warmed up!

Thank you, Frank for your continuing dedication to the program and your fellow volunteers. Congratulations on your selection as CWF Region 4 Volunteer of the Year.

Complementary Work Force Region 5 Volunteer of the Year-Patricia Wood

Fairfax Station, VA
Life-long resident of Fairfax County
Applied for CWF 7/15/07-Accepted 1/5/08
Currently attends George Mason University
Works for Long and Foster Real Estate, Chantilly as Executive Assistant to the CEO/President
Age: 41 yrs.

Patricia Wood, of Fairfax Station, Virginia, is a "Volunteer Extraordinaire". Quoting from a feature article recognizing her efforts, "Patricia Wood is what I would call an exceptional person--community minded, courteous, energetic, committed, and very thorough." Patricia continues to demonstrate, through service as a CWF volunteer, that this title is one that is truly fitting.

Patricia is regularly the first to respond to the call for volunteer assistance. She volunteered at the first available opportunity in Fairfax County in January of 2008 at the Outdoor Sportsmen's Show and has been going strong ever since. Patricia excels at the educational side of volunteering, often taking on the role of "lead volunteer" for agency exhibits and events. She pitches in to help with set up and organization of the exhibits and orienting new volunteers to the task.

Patricia has worked exhibits and other assignments in each of the three current CWF regions, including the State Fair, several Virginia Outdoor Sportsmen's Shows in Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Chantilly, plus boat shows, the NASP Tournament, numerous kids and family fishing events, the Prince William County Fair, the Herndon NatureFest, and more. Staff members regularly ask for Patricia by name when they are seeking volunteers from CWF. David Coffman, editor of the Outdoor Report, has repeatedly complimented Patricia for her success engaging sportsmen and women at various shows and convincing them to sign up for the publication's e-mail list. Patricia is a great ambassador for CWF and our Department. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and generous spirit are contagious.

In the last year, Patricia has participated in VDGIF training for Wildlife Damage Inspections, Project Wild, Habitat Facilitator, and Nuisance Wildlife. Not only did she TAKE the Nuisance Wildlife training, but she helped CWF staff set up and prepare for refreshments and buffet lunch for the other 50+ participants, putting in 14 hours on a Saturday, book-ended by working exhibits shifts for us on both Friday evening and Sunday that same weekend! She also stepped up to contribute wildlife photographs from her work, to be included in future power point presentations related to the subject of nuisance wildlife.

Patricia is currently scheduled to teach a Habitat Facilitator Training course, and a Project Wild Facilitator Training session this fall.

Patricia shows this dedication to our program all the while keeping up with her course load as she works towards a B.S. degree in Parks and Outdoor Recreation. Her volunteer efforts for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge, led to her current part time job with them. She does all this while performing her very demanding full time job as the Executive Assistant to the Chairman and CEO of Long and Foster Real Estate.

Patricia also travels to Alaska each year as a volunteer with the Friends of Alaska National Wildlife Refuges. She is very involved on the membership committee for the organization and is a past member of its Board of Directors as the Secretary and Membership Chair.

Patricia has used her experience with this respected non-profit organization to lay the ground work for forming an association of our own CWF volunteers. While we have determined to wait until the program is fully operational in all regions before proceeding, her research and experience will certainly benefit us all in this effort to build community among our volunteers and improve their ability to assist the Department.

In her own words, "I like everything about working in wildlife and conservation as a volunteer. Volunteering is a way that I can express my love of nature to others. I want to be remembered for what I have done to help protect and preserve all the natural wonders that we have. My volunteer reward is what I feel inside my heart when I can help someone learn about nature and want to help protect it for the future."

Thank you Patricia and congratulations on being chosen the CWF Region 5 Volunteer of the Year.

Editor's Note:
Between them, these three volunteers provided 542 hours of service in 2008 at a value of $10,688.24. They have provided a combined total of 845 hours since the inception of the program at a value of $16,990.60. These figures are determined using the state's accepted hourly rate for the value of volunteer service. The efforts of these folks can hardly be measured that easily. They are not only a "force multiplier" for our agency, but in ways that cannot be measured, they have contributed to the conservation of Virginia's natural resources and served the citizens of the Commonwealth admirably by their willingness to share their talents and time for the common good. Please join me in congratulating these three dedicated volunteers.

CWF State Volunteer of the Year

Announcement of the winner of this first annual award took place at the July 14, 2009, public meeting of the Board of Game and Inland Fisheries, in Richmond, Virginia. Our three region winners were present, and each was introduced to the Board, staff, and public by CWF Program Manager, Major Mike Clark. Many of their fellow CWF volunteers were there to applaud the winners and show their support for the program.

Determining the Winner

The state winner was chosen from among the three Region Volunteers of the Year. The Region Volunteers of the Year and the State Volunteer were selected using the criteria below. Each Coordinator submitted a written nomination for the candidate from his region. The state and region coordinators then reviewed these submissions and selected the state winner.

Criteria for this award are broad, by nature of the program's diversity. Here are some of the considerations:

  • Over-all hours contributed
  • Regular or continuing service, length of service
  • Extraordinary effort or accomplishment for the program
  • Value or unique quality of the service rendered
  • Positive attitude
  • Positive interactions with staff
  • Reliability/dependability
  • Good ambassador for the program and/or agency
  • Training achieved
  • Training provided to others
  • Other leadership roles in CWF
  • Assistance to multiple divisions in the agency, and
  • Other community outreach/volunteer involvement which contributes to our mission in some way (i.e.--TU, WTF, QU, NRA, DU, Master Naturalists, Scouts, etc.)


The first annual winner of the Complementary Work Force State Volunteer of the Year, for 2008

Ms. Patricia Wood of Region 5

In honor of her award, Ms. Wood was presented with a commemorative plaque which reads:

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
Complementary Work Force Program
Recognizes the exemplary service of
Patricia Wood
and hereby bestows upon her the honor of
CWF State Volunteer of the Year
with our heartfelt thanks and appreciation

The plaque is signed by Susan Alger, State Program Coordinator and Major Michael R. Clark, CWF Program Manager.

Volunteers of the Quarter

We simply have too many dedicated volunteers to recognize only one a year from each region! The following volunteers were recognized for their service in 2008 and the first quarter of 2009. Framed certificates were presented to each with our gratitude.


  • James Riggs January--March 2008
  • Pierre Granger-July--September 2008
  • Susan Murdock-April--June 2008
  • Jack Broadway-October--December 2008
  • Henry "Hank" Grizzard-January--March 2009


  • Frank Showalter-January--March 2008
  • French Simmons-April--June 2008
  • Bob Stover-July--September 2008
  • Hank Tomlinson-October--December 2008
  • Garland Kinzie-January--March 2009


  • Roger Pearce-January--March 2008
  • Bob Flanagan-April--June 2008
  • Tim Hall-July--September 2008
  • Roger Brown-October--Dec. 2008
  • Hugh Nix-Jan--March 2009


  • Immediate-Cap
  • 60 hours-Polo Shirt
  • 120 hours-Knife
  • 300 hours-Belt Buckle
  • 600 hours and above-Under Development!
  • Charter Members-Challenge Coin with Volunteer's name inscribed
  • Annual-2008 Pin

Staff Recognition

The State and Region Coordinators of the CWF Program would like to recognize the efforts and support of the following DGIF staff members, who have gone "above and beyond" the call of duty to help make our fledgling program a success. Our sincere thanks to each of you!


  • Director Bob Duncan
  • Colonel Dee Watts
  • Major Mike Clark
  • Thomas Wilcox
  • Doreen Richmond
  • Julia Dixon
  • Lee Walker
  • David Coffman
  • Carol Heiser

Region I

  • Captain Mike Minarik
  • Lt. Ken Conger
  • Jerry Barwick
  • Tom Bidrowski
  • Jaime Sajecki
  • Jim Battle
  • Scott Naff

Region IV

  • Captain Kevin Clarke
  • Rob Ham
  • Nelson Lafon
  • Rick Reynolds
  • Mike Fies
  • Wanda Wilson
  • Karen Austin
  • Jason Hallacher

Region V

  • Denise Harrison
  • Capt. Joe Pajic
  • Joyce O'Donnell
  • Steve Ferguson
  • Thomas Goldston

Special Thanks

Marika Byrd and Roger Brown-our very own volunteer photographers and videographer of the CWF Program. They capture the moments!

Susan Murdock-CWF Volunteer--working with Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. and private donors, who donated funds and supplies to develop bat education kits that will be used in public schools and for other educational opportunities around the state.

Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc.- Mike Rolband, Roy VanHouten, and the staff at WSSI, for their hospitality in providing training facilities for our volunteers.

Dominion-for a grant to the CWF Program, which covered the cost of hats for all new volunteers, as well as funding for training sessions and lunches for participants.

CWF Program Statistics

Volunteer Service Hours
2008 1/09-6/09 Since Inception
Region 1 806 1,126 1,932
Region 4 1,378 1,008 2,398
Region 5 1,452 1,871 3,323
Combined 3,636 4005 7653*
2008 1/1/09-6/30/09 Since Inception
Region 1 $15, 894.32 $23,420.80 $39,315.12
Region 4 $27,174.16 $20,966.40 $48,365.60*
Region 5 $28,633.44 $38,916.80 $67,550.24
Combined $71,701.92 $83,304.00 $155,230.96*

* includes additional 12 hours from Dec. 2007
**Determined using the standard rates for value of volunteer service in Virginia
2007-$18.76 2008--$19.72 2009--$20.80

What Have You Been Up To?

Here's an exhaustive listing of the kinds of service our volunteers are contributing... (I bet I still miss some!) You'll see that we have truly become a Department-wide program!

Trout stocking, kill permit inspections, boat shows, sportsmen's shows, educational exhibits, the State Fair, family fishing events, kids fishing days, National Archery in the Schools State Tournament, Hunter Education, region office assistance, creel surveys, school programs, nuisance wildlife programs, scout programs, NatureFest exhibits, Earth Day events, warehouse organization, upland game bird surveys, range attendants, stream, river and lake clean ups, building wildlife viewing platforms, Wildlife Management Area assistance, Richmond library, waterway marker inspections, wood turtle surveys, bat surveys, building snake traps, erecting fencing for turtle, deer, and snake project research, diving for mussel research, hatchery maintenance, transportation of landscaping program participants, assistance with surplus of vehicles, recording scientific data, deer jaw bone data compilation, goose banding, water quality monitoring, nuisance wildlife trapping, CPO Academy Spanish language instruction...

PLUS... training in: Nuisance Wildlife Education, Habitat Facilitator, Project Wild, Wildlife Damage Inspection, Boating Safety, Hunter Safety, DGIF 101, and First Aid.

What's the Buzz?

Recently, CWF sent a short questionnaire to staff members who've had an opportunity to work with our volunteers. We asked how they have used volunteers in their work, what impact volunteers had on their program/outreach ability/facilities/ etc., in what way have volunteers been of most value to them, what ways they see for incorporating volunteers into their work in the future, and how can we improve the program and the usefulness of volunteers to them. We hoped to gain a little insight into how the program is working and suggestions for our future direction. Here are some excerpts from the responses we received.

"We received excellent support from the CWF during DGIF managed dove hunts at the New Kent Forestry Center this year. We would not have had agency representation at the hunts without the volunteers and Jim Battle's input. The volunteers contributed to a safe enjoyable hunt enjoyed by many hunters. We look forward to them staffing the hunts again this year."
Phil West
Public Lands Manager

Utilized for-"Fish Stocking, Trail Maintenance, Trash Cleanups, Fisheries Research"
Impact-- "The volunteers have provided a tremendous boost in manpower during the stocking season. By lending a hand the volunteers free up law enforcement to patrol the streams. They also allow the hatchery personnel to spread out the fish and communicate with the public. They have also assisted us with various projects and research that would not have been possible in the past due to the lack of manpower."
Future Duties-"Creel surveys, general field work"
Jason Hallacher, Region 4 Fisheries Technician

Utilized for-"kill permits, information booths at exhibitions, assist Wildlife Division"
Impact-"positive impact"
Value-"Free up officers so they can do fieldwork"
Future Duties-"Do non-technical fieldwork, inspections, boat and equipment maintenance, facilities maintenance, oversee/supervise activities on WMAs
Captain Mike Minarik - Region 1

Utilized for-"Help with quota hunts, help with recording deer jawbone data"
Impact-"They have been really valuable with relieving pressure on the rest of our staff when we need someone to perform a duty for a day or two. Also, we don't need to tie up the region's biologists to record data, so they are valuable there. We got jawbones aged and recorded from our 240+ DMAP clubs in 2 days with 4 biologists and 4 CWF volunteers!"
Future Duties-"Similar tasks as those mentioned above - help with public events, quota hunts, and recording data. Things that don't necessarily need a trained professional."
Recommendations-"No, but it's a great asset and one that I hope we can keep and grow."
Aaron Proctor,
Region 1 District Wildlife Biologist

Utilized for-"Used two CWF volunteers (Tim Hall and Lee Turner) one time at a children's fishing day in Alexandria at Lake Cook."
Value--"These two individuals were invaluable helping kids bait hooks, cast, unhook fish, untangle lines, rig fishing rods, and taking photos.
Future Duties-"River cleanups"
Recommendations-"No recommendations. I would like to say that the enthusiasm and helpfulness of the two individuals that assisted me are typical of other CWF volunteers that we have employed in Region IV. They were fun to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to team up with them again."
Paul Bugas,
Region 4 Fisheries Biologist

Utilized for-"Stocking fish, labor on construction projects, expertise for maintenance & repairs (electrical), tractor operations, mowing, water quality monitoring."
Impact-"Reduced overtime... Maintenance & development."
Future Duties-"Hatchery tours."
Recommendations-"Make application process easier & more streamlined."
"I've only had one volunteer, but he's the best!"
Chris Dahlem
Superintendent, King & Queen Fish Hatchery

Utilized for-"I frequently call upon volunteers to help with program requests received in my office, which range from 45-minute presentations to full-day workshops, for a variety of audiences."
Value-"Volunteers are able to deliver our programs at a local level and provide more one-on-one assistance than we can give from a central office. Their assistance is invaluable in meeting our program objectives."
Future Duties-"In the future, we could use volunteers as "dedicated office staff," meaning they would come into the office on a regular schedule to work on an ongoing project or special assignment. This would entail their being able to use a computer and work station on a regular basis, which are not really available at this time."
Recommendations-"It might be helpful to have special "certifications" within the CWF volunteer corps. My understanding is that different volunteers attend different trainings, depending on their interest, and we as an agency could develop certification criteria for specific functions or areas of "expertise." The certification "process" could result in continuing education and advancement of volunteers' skills over time."
Carol Heiser,
Habitat Education Coordinator, Richmond HQ

Utilized for-Kill Permits. "You know I have only good things to say about the CWF! They have been a tremendous help to our district!!"
Impact-"They have freed up many, many work hours for the district CPO's. In 2008, I personally spent 381 hours issuing wildlife damage permits. In 2009, our entire district spent only 221 hours on wildlife damage.
Future Duties-"Permit inspections (such as shooting preserve permits, wildlife rehabilitator permits, etc."
Recommendations-"Recruit more volunteers and keep them busy! The program had its share of bumps getting started, but I think it is running well and improving all the time!
Steve Ferguson,
CPO Sergeant, Region 5

Utilized for-"I had the pleasure of working with CWF volunteers to rehabilitate the viewing platforms at Hog Island WMA."
Value-"The CWF volunteers made it possible for us to double the amount of work we were able to accomplish (rehabbed 2 platforms as opposed to 1)."
Future Duties-"CWF would be invaluable in similar efforts in the future."
Dr. Steven Living
Watchable Wildlife Biologist Region I Chesapeake District Office

Utilized-"To fill in when I am on vacation/Sick. To help with purging old files.
Value-"This has helped me be able to complete more computer duties. When they are here and I am out it relieves the managers and other staff from having to answer phones, greet the public and collect messages."
Future Duties-"Purge files. Answer phones. Make copies of monthly reports and VISA statements."
Recommendations-"Need to have a way they can access our computers when working in the office. This would make them much more useful as they would be able to post VISA receipts; access the internet to do SWAM vendor searches. They should be able to access computers just as the P-14's do."
Darlene Lyons
Secretary Senior - Region One-Charles City

Utilzed for-"The volunteers have been very helpful to us in PW by taking on the kill permits and also helping with the Prince William Fair schedule."
Value-"Clearly they are a big help by freeing up a lot time that we would be spending on the kill permits. That time can be spent on law enforcement patrol. They are also a big help to fill in the gaps in the PW Fair schedule..."
Future Duties-"So far so good! If I can think of something else I will surely ask."
Comments-"I am happy with the way Thomas is organizing and communicating so far. I think he is doing a great job with a lot on his plate." "Thanks to all the volunteers."
Randy C. Grauer
Conservation Police Master Officer
Region 5--Prince William Co

Impact-"Have allowed event staffing and field projects to be completed in a more fully staffed and expeditious manner."
Value-"To make up for a lack of salaried and P-14 hours."
Future Duties-"Nothing new seen at this time - maintain the status quo."
Recommendations-"Not that I can think of. Thomas has been doing a good job with maintaining contacts and facilitation of staffing events."
John Odenkirk
District Fisheries Biologist; Region 5.

Utilzed for-"CWF members assist I&E with numerous special outdoor events and programs (Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show, Richmond Fishing Extravaganza, Outdoor Education Programs, Boating Education Programs). In addition to helping to staff programs and events, CWF members also assist the Department with administrative duties (proofing, editing and reviewing publication materials). They also assist with photographic and video programs, which includes being asked to be photographic models and helping with filing and digital scanning of photographs into the DGIF Video Library."
Impact-"The CWF program has greatly increased the Department's public outreach efforts throughout the state. They not only help with staffing outdoor events and programs, but also offer a unique and refreshing addition when assisting professional staff on such occasions. Their knowledge and professionalism bring an added bonus to DGIF and help to increase the Department's public relations efforts."
Future Duties-"We see an increasing demand for staffing special outdoor events and programs by CWF."
Recommendations-"Aligning CWF talents with DGIF staff and programs continues to improve not only the CWF program, but enhances the Department's outreach efforts."
Lee Walker
Information and Education Manager
Richmond HQ

Upcoming Events and Available Assignments

  • September 5, 7, & 12, 2009, Dove Quota Hunts New Kent Forestry Center (Battle)
  • September (dates TBA), Managed Youth Hunts (3) Southampton Correctional Farm (Battle)
  • September 2009, Shooting Range Attendants Amelia WMA Shooting Range (Sept - April) (Battle)
  • September 24 -October 4, 2009 State Fair New site in Hanover County (Battle)(Goldston)(Hallacher)(Wilson)
  • September 20, 2009, NatureFest Exhibit, Herndon, VA (Alger)
  • September 26- 27, 2009, Eastern Region Big Game Contest Franklin, VA (Battle)
  • September 27, 2009, Conservation Celebration at Audubon Naturalist Society's Rust Nature Sanctuary, Leesburg, VA (Goldston)
  • TBA, Wildlife Management Study, statewide survey of WMA use (Battle)(Goldston)(Wilson)
  • September/October TBA-Various Lake and River Clean up Projects in Regions 1, 4, and 5-Contact your Region Coordinator to get involved! (Battle)(Goldston)(Wilson)
  • October 2 - 4, 2009, Appalachian Cherokee Nation Pow-Wow Exhibit, Claude Moore Park, Sterling, VA (Goldston)
  • October 24, 2009, Kid's Fishing Event, Franklin Park, Loudoun County, VA
  • October 2009- January 2009- (Dates TBA) Chronic Wasting Disease Sampling (Goldston)(Wilson)