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  • Site Access: Free, open daily sunrise to sunset. This site is available only for launching a boat to view wildlife from the river.
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Site PRM08: The Falls


Just before crossing the Nottoway River on SR 49, a pull off to the left leads visitors to a wonderful wetland which supports a variety of wildlife any time of year. The open water in this area is most attractive to waterfowl. Pied-billed grebes can be found from time to time, as can wood ducks. Winter brings in more waterfowl when gadwall, American widgeon, northern shoveler and northern pintail join the more frequent mallards. In summer, great blue and green herons can be seen stalking these banks for their next meal, while slaty and widow skimmers cruise the shoreline. The woods that line the shoreline host summer tanagers and white-eyed vireos in the summer months amongst the more regular residents, including red-bellied and downy woodpeckers. Migration could bring any number of surprises, especially after a heavy rain forces flying birds into the treetops.


Leaving Lunenburg Lake, return to SR 40/Main Street, turn right and go 0.4 miles to the intersection of SR 40 and SR 49. Follow SR 49 northeast 5.6 miles to the boat landing pull off on the left. To return to a major highway, return to SR 49. SR 49 south will take you to US 15 where you can follow it south to the Staunton River Loop. SR 49 north will take you to US 360 where you can begin the Heart of the Piedmont Loop.

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