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  • Site Contact: J.B. Crenshaw; (434) 696-2343
  • Site Access: Free, open daily sunrise to sunset



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Site PRM07: Lunenburg Lake


Lunenberg Lake is great for a quiet afternoon walk with its combination of open water, marshland and woodland making for some interesting wildlife observations. The lake attracts waterfowl, especially during migration and winter. Resident species include belted kingfishers, whose noisy rattle can often be heard around the lake. Great blue herons drop in from time-to-time, while green herons are regularly found in the summer months. Search the banks of the lake for numerous dragonflies, including eastern amberwing, eastern pondhawk, common whitetail, and at times, prince baskettail. The stream that drains the lake is also worth a look for an occasional migrant waterthrush, including both northern and Louisiana. The creek also supports common musk turtle, which can sometimes be found basking out in the open.


Leaving Victoria Railroad Park, follow Firehouse Road 0.1 miles to West 6th Street. Turn left and go less than 0.1 miles to US 40/Main Sreet. Cross over and continue on Rt.-T-1011/1st Street for 0.3 miles to Marshall Avenue. Turn right (southeast) on Marshall Avenue and follow it south for 0.4 miles to Lunenburg Lake. Turn left onto the dirt road behind the VFW Building to get to the lake.

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