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Site PRM06: Tobacco Heritage Trail: Victoria Railroad Park


The Tobacco Heritage Trail in Lunenburg County can be easily accessed from the Victoria Railroad Park. The Park is well manicured and provides good parking with plenty of open spaces to observe many of the more common residents such as northern mockingbirds, northern cardinals and blue jays. The Tobacco Heritage Trail is five miles (2 miles finished and 3 unfinished), bordered by mostly hardwoods and pines. As you walk along the trail from the park you have a good chance of spotting Pileated Woodpeckers, Eastern Bluebirds, northern cardinals, American Robins, Blue Jays, Thrushes, Mourning Doves, Gold Finches, Nut Hatches, Chickadees, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers and a variety of other residents and migrants. During migration, all sorts of good birds could turn up, depending on weather conditions. In the winter, sparrows should be found in great numbers, with white-throated, white-crowned, song and field all likely to reveal themselves. While out in the open, be sure to check for hawks soaring amongst the numerous turkey vultures and chimney swifts. Also look and listen for common nighthawks in the summer months, as they fly catch over the town in the early evening. Of course, in springtime the fields are filled with blooming wildflowers and their attendant butterflies. Check for massive monarchs and gaudy eastern tiger and black swallowtails amongst the confusing cloud of sulphurs, duskywings and skippers.


From Hidden Pond Farm, continue east on SR 40 for another 9.2 miles to the intersection of SR 40 and SR 49. Turn left onto SR 40/49 and head east 3.2 miles into Victoria. Turn right following SR 40 for 0.1 miles to 6th Street in Victoria. Turn right (west) on 6th Street and follow it around the curve onto Firehouse Road. The park is on the right.

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