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Site PRM01: Roanoke Meherrin Summit


This slight rise next to US 360 is where the watersheds of the Roanoke and Meherrin rivers divide. Here, the springs in the thicket form the headwaters of the North Fork Meherrin River, a state scenic river. Water from the west side of the hill flows south into Spring Creek Lake and then onto the Roanoke (Staunton) River. Although the field is currently used to produce hay, there are plans that include planting native warm season grasses and developing interpretive facilities to demonstrate land management techniques using native species. This hill is a great spot to look for wildlife. On the north side of the large field, a wooded gully leads down hill providing cover for several residents and, at times, migrant species. This is where the American crows perch and call out across the area, where the eastern kingbirds sally forth for some tasty flies, and where house wrens chatter from the thickets. During the winter months, check the thickets for wintering sparrows, including white-crowned and white-throated. At any time of year be sure to check for red-tailed hawks soaring overhead, often in the company of turkey and sometimes black vultures.


From the intersection of SR 40 and US 15/360 in Keysville, follow US 15 north 1.9 miles to its intersection with US 360. The summit is located at the northwest corner of the intersection of US 360 and US 15. Turn left across traffic onto what is left of Old Highway 360.

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