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Site PMR09: Fluvanna Heritage Trail - West


The western end of the Fluvanna Heritage Trail begins just behind the historical Pleasant Grove House. Set further back from the Rivanna River than the eastern end, this trail leads visitors through open fields composed of recent agricultural land and regenerating thickets surrounding old home sites. Scan the open fields for migrant swallows, which sometimes congregate in large mixed flocks, with tree swallows and barn swallows forming the majority; however, northern rough-winged, cliff and bank swallows are also possible. These open fields can also host large flocks of rowdy killdeers especially in late summer and early fall. The brushy re-growth lining the trail leading to the river should be checked for northern cardinals, and Carolina wrens and for winter visitors, such as eastern towhee, American goldfinch, dark-eyed junco and white-throated sparrow. Spring and fall migration can be especially exciting with common yellowthroats and Lincoln's sparrows skulking in the undergrowth, and magnolia warblers flitting overhead. Careful inspection could turn up a surprise such as, a rare warbler or perhaps even a Philadelphia vireo. This trail connects via the River Bluff trail to the eastern entrance.


From Fluvanna Ruritan Lake return to Rt. 619 and turn left. Follow this road for approximately 3.0 miles to Rt. 660. Turn left and then make a quick right onto SR 53. Follow SR 53 for 1.8 miles to the entrance for Pleasant Grove on the left. Proceed down the gravel/dirt road 0.2 miles to either the trailhead located behind the Haden House or the one located to the left of the house.

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