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Site PMR02: The Rivanna Trail Quarry Park


Make sure to grab a trail guide located in the wooden box located near the pedestrian bridge before embarking on this section of the Rivanna Trail which follows the meanderings of Moore's Creek. Once you leave the parking area look for woodchucks standing, or more likely sitting, guard at the entrance to their burrows. When you cross the wooden bridge over Moore Creek you are on the trail and have the option to head east or west. To the right (west) you pass through an area of scattered forest patches and shrubby fields just north of Interstate 64. Heading left (east) you enter more developed riparian forest and can follow the creek under Monticello Avenue. It is proposed that a trail will eventually lead from here to the Monticello Visitor center on the southern side of Interstate 64. While walking the trail you will be greeted by the numerous common residents of the eastern forest, such as northern cardinal, blue jays and downy woodpeckers. These familiar species are joined during migration with a completely different set of visitors. In spring or fall look for warblers like Cape May, magnolia, northern parula and American redstarts. As the fall cools down the area, flocks of American robins take over and are sometimes joined by wandering cedar waxwings, and occasionally other fruit eaters such as Swainson's thrush or gray catbird.


From Monticello return to SR 53 and follow it back to SR 20 and I-64. Cross under I-64 and continue a short distance to Quarry Road. Turn left and follow it for 0.2 miles to the Rivanna Trail.

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